16 May

Girl Camper: Episode #84 Camping in Colorado with Ginny McKinney

On this weeks episode returning guest Ginny McKinney is sharing her favorite Colorado Campgrounds.  From north to south Ginny suggests great camping spots and what to do when you get there. Her suggestions include Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes, Colorado;  Glenwood Canyon Resort and Pagosa Springs  Riverside Campground.

Glenwood Springs Colorado has been called the most fun town in America. The hot springs there are a big attraction.

Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado has lots of acres but no hook ups for campers and a maximum total stay of 14 days a year camping at the park.

Pagosa Springs Campground is a quieter park where campers go to finish a good book along the river banks.

Tune in to the podcast to hear the details on these beautiful campsites and what you can do in the nearby towns when camping there.


23 Feb

Girl Camper #20: Tab Trailer Talk

Our guest this week is Go Little Guy’s Chief Operating Officer,  Chris Baum and we are talking about the Tab trailer and why it is a Girl Camper favorite. Chris also talks about what  the company has in the pipeline and why Go Little Guy is the largest seller of tear drop trailers in the world. There is also an update on our Wild, Wonderful, Almost heaven, West, by God, Virginia, Girl Camping trip.  We also talk about the new  Road Adventure’s Great Escape travel program from AAA and Haydocy Airstream in Columbus, Ohio. If you have ever dreamed of a Great American road trip but don’t own a travel trailer, this is how you can make that dream happen.