23 May

Girl Camper #85 Girl Camping Obstacles

On this weeks show my producer Stephanie Puglisi and I are talking about the obstacles that prevent that Girl Camper wannabes from making that leap into the Girl Camper world.  We took an online poll and the addressed the top reasons people give for delaying their fun. Some are ones we have talked about before and some are fresh topics.

  1. Fear of towing – some ideas on how to overcome one of the most commonly given reasons for not joining.
  2. No camper – no problem! Stephanie is sharing her recent experience as a tent camper. This ain’t your fathers old wet, canvas tent!
  3. No one to camp with – have we got friends for you. We are dishing on girl camping groups and where you can find a tribe near you.
  4. Family obligations – everyone needs respite from their duties in life and we discuss ways that you might be able to carve out some time to restoke the fires.

Towing is one of the top concerns women have about joining the Girl Campers.

Not having a camper is no reason to keep from joining the girl campers.

Finding your tribe is easier than you might think with dozens of groups around the country.

Taking time to have fun with friends makes girl campers happy campers!

16 May

Girl Camper: Episode #84 Camping in Colorado with Ginny McKinney

On this weeks episode returning guest Ginny McKinney is sharing her favorite Colorado Campgrounds.  From north to south Ginny suggests great camping spots and what to do when you get there. Her suggestions include Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes, Colorado;  Glenwood Canyon Resort and Pagosa Springs  Riverside Campground.

Glenwood Springs Colorado has been called the most fun town in America. The hot springs there are a big attraction.

Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado has lots of acres but no hook ups for campers and a maximum total stay of 14 days a year camping at the park.

Pagosa Springs Campground is a quieter park where campers go to finish a good book along the river banks.

Tune in to the podcast to hear the details on these beautiful campsites and what you can do in the nearby towns when camping there.


02 May

Girl Camper: Episode #82 Rhonda Coleman Chasing Totality

I am happy to welcome my friend and colleague Rhonda Coleman to the show today. Rhonda is the editor of Outside Interests Magazine, a travel writer, an Airstream owner and unbeknownst to most people she is chronically “chasing totality”.  If you, like me, have never heard of “chasing totality”, it is the term used to describe those who travel to far ends of the earth to see total solar eclipses. Rhonda has witnessed  six total eclipses so far and is here today to tell us about this phenomenon and where the best path to view the August 21st total eclipse will be. You can read all about it at Rhonda’s blog http://www.chasingtotality.com

We had a great time in the Shenandoah Valley last weekend. We camped at the Luray KOA which is an immaculately maintained quiet adult campground situated on a very large lawn which gives such a feeling of openness. We splurged on the premium site which came with a heavy duty table set and two big red Adirondack chairs around the fire pit. The campground is only a few miles from the Thornton Gap entrance to Shenandoah National Park.

With the National Parks App I was able to choose the hike that I wanted. The app allows you to see all the hikes in the section of the park you are in and gives you details like the distance, elevation of the hike and difficulty level. I love this aspect of the app that allows you to decide how much effort you want to put into a hike. You can factor in the heat, time of day, level of energy you’re willing to expand and choose a hike that suits you that day. Our goal was to hike to Mary’s Rock but with all the information we had we knew we really didn’t allow enough time to do that. We ended up hiking one mile in and out of that trail and will have to save the summit of Mary’s Rock for another day.

We also were able to tour the Caverns of Luray and that was worth the time and money. I have been in a lot of caverns on my trips and this one was particularly beautiful. It was a one mile figure eight fairly easy walk through the cavern. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly and made the information interesting. I forgot to bring a jacket and was afraid that the 57 degree cave would be uncomfortably cold for the one hour tour but the 87% humidity of the cave makes it feel more like 68 degrees and the steep up and down ramps were enough to keep me pleasantly comfortable.


25 Apr

Mother’s Day Gifts for Girl Campers

On this week’s show guests Jeremy Puglisi and Rick Pettit, Mister Sisters of producer Stephanie Puglusi and host Janine Pettit,  share their list of gift ideas for Girl Campers. If you have no idea what to buy the camping woman in your life for Mother’s Day Jeremy and Rick share their ideas.

Jeremy and Rick took over the studio to give gift challenged Mister Sisters a fighting chance this Mothers Day!

Jeremy and Rick each made a list of five things to consider for your favorite Girl Camper. Some are big but most are simple and affordable.

The Camp Casual bowls made the cut. I have been using them so much that I decided to get a set for my house!

I have been getting this magazine for three years and love the stories as much as the beautiful photos.

I am back from my wonderful  weekend in Waxahachie, Texas where we camped like girls in Getzandaner Park. I had so much fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I am so glad that the town of Waxahachie wants to grow this event and make it an annual affair!

The Casita trailer of Nancy Edwards is very similar to the new Park Liner I will be taking to Yellowstone in July. I was excited to see all of her decorating and storage ideas.

No trailer? No problem! We glamped up this $49 tent in no time.

New Girl Camper Debbie Rosset decided the time was now and created a lovely camper in her minivan! That’s the spirit Debbie! You go girl!

I love Debbie’s coordinating furniture and all the love she put in her little weekend home!

18 Apr

Girl Camper #80: Part Two with Mike Harlan

On this week’s show Mike Harlan, Airstream Manager at North Trail RV of South Florida answers podcast listeners questions. Mike is an industry insider who has worked in sales, service and manufacturing. I asked podcast listeners for their questions and Mike was game to answer and very candid. This is part two of our two part interview.

Mike was instrumental in helping me start Camper College when he was the GM at Haydocy Airstream in Columbus, Ohio.