21 Mar

Girl Camper #76: Vintage Trailer Pop Up Shops with Jennifer Megliore

My guest today is Jennifer Megliore of Artware Designs in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Jennifer also owns a beautiful vintage Shasta that does triple duty in her life. She uses it to camp like a girl with the sisters on the fly, on tours for charity fundraisers and as a pop up shop at festivals and fairs to sell her happy camper line of goods from her brick and mortar store in Hilton Head.


Jennifer imagined a shop that would be for the art lover what a hardware store is to tinkerers! Her personality is all fun and games!

Jennifer talks about her own experiences finding festivals and fairs to sell her goods and we talk about other ways to use a vintage trailer a a source of revenue.

Vintage trailers make great back drops for shops. People come to see the trailer and stay to shop!

Jennifer is giving a $50 gift card to a lucky winner. To be in the running just sign up for newsletter at the top of this page. You can also get 10 % off your first order by using the code SAVE10.

Jennifer’s stovk includes a Happy Camper line of camping themed merchandise.

Last year the RV Family Travel Atlas Podcast Network set out to raise ten thousand dollars to supply a campground with a travel trailer to be used by retuning active duty service personnel asa respite spot. This week we reached our goal!!

Thank you to all who donated to our wonderful cause!


14 Mar

Girl Camper #75 Financing an RV Purchase

On this weeks show my guest Amy Parsons helps us understand the components of financing a travel trailer purchase. Amy is the Finance Manager at Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia. Amy talks about why an RV loan is not like a car loan and what kind of down payment and credit rating you need to get the best interest rates. If you think you need deep pockets or perfect credit rating  to buy a trailer, you will be happy to know that buying and financing a trailer is within most people’s means. 

Amy Parsons is the Finance Manager at Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia. She is pictured here with owner Lynn Butler, who happens to be her mother!


The whole Setzer’s team works to make RV ownership a reality for customers. The service staff hosted a great Camper College event last summer.

In our Campfire Chat on this week’s show I am sharing ideas for foil packet dinners! This great camping meal option has endless possibilities. It’s a great make ahead meal that can be taken out after the camper is set up and warmed to a perfect dinner in minutes. It’s also a great way to use leftovers.


Foil packet dinners are a great campfire favorite. The possibilities are endless.

Two of my  favorite combination of foil packet dinners are below.

Cowboy Stew: After putting a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan, add a layer of fresh green beans, precooked white sliced potatoes or thinly sliced fresh ones and a salisbury steak on top. Season with salt and pepper and seal pouch with an air pocket.

Salmon Steak: Marinade a salmon steak in equal parts of soy sauce and fresh lime juice with fresh chopped garlic. When you place the salmon skin side down in the foil pouch, add a tablespoon of the marinade before sealing the packet. Cook veggies in a separate pouch.



07 Mar

Meet Girl Camper Gina: Episode # 74

On this weeks show I am pleased to have my wonderful Ohio friend, Gina Corbin. Gina talks about how she overcame her fears and trepidation about solo towing to become the Girl Camper she is today. She also shares how camping helped move her from a dark place after a family tragedy to a place of hope and peace again. Gina has logged many, many miles under her belt in the short time she’s been camping and it is not an exaggeration to say that camping has changed her life.

Gina is enjoying life on the road and testing herself with all kinds of new hobbies.

We are kicking it up a notch and finishing off our campaign to raise 10K for the 501c3 organiztion, Tents for Troops. The RVFTA Podcast Network set a goal to raise $10K  for the purchase of a travel trailer to be used by active duty service people and their families. I can think of no better way to reconnect after a long deployment than to spend time around a campfire. We are nearly at our goal but I am offering an incentive.  I will send a Girl Camper decal to anyone who makes a donation of at least $10. You can make a donation at Go Fund Me. After you make a donation, send me your address at girlcamper528@gmail.com and I will get your decal out to you ASAP.

@wordsandsuch on Instagram makes these wonderful decals for me!

Thank you to all who ordered from the Girl Camper Shop this week. We were blown away by all the love and are almost done filling all the orders. I have had to place a new mug order and will be picking them up when I visit Blackwater Falls State Park this week. I got the idea to have a spot for everyone to post their news and mugs and rigs and created the Facebook page “Girl Camper Podcast”. Please join the fun and share your adventures, recipes, favorite campgrounds and Girl Camper mugs!

You can join the fun and post your questions, rigs and Girl Camper finds on the new Girl Camper Podcast Facebook page.

You have to keep close to your mug at a Girl Camper camp out!





28 Feb

Girl Camper #73: Getting Ready for the Camping Season Part 2

On this week’s show I’m talking about prepping the outside of your trailer for the coming season. From tires to outside storage solutions to maintaining your vinyl awning, there are things to be done before you hit the road in 2017.

Cleaning the winters dirt off your trailer is a simple process. We first washed the trailer down with Dawn detergent and rinsed with clean water.

The resistant black RV streaks came off with Goof Off and a soft rag. We then washed the trailer again to remove any Good Off residue and dried it with micro fiber towels.

Getting the outside storage bin organized was a pleasure. It feels great to know these things are not rolling around loosely in the space where they could cause damage to the exposed mechanics of the hot water heater.

I’m also talking about my great fishing trip with guide Kai on the oyster beds of Hilton Head. We had a great day even without catching any fish! I learned so much about this regions natural habitats and the value of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Our guide Kai took us out on a flat boat and used the Captain’s perch to spot fish.

The fish weren’t biting but I had a great day trying!

The oyster beds are natures filters. An adult oyster filters 50 gallons of water a day.

The Girl Camper mugs are back in stock! You can purchase one at Girlcamper.com.

The Girl Camper mug is back in stock and is available on Girlcamper.com. The price of $27 includes shipping and handling.

21 Feb

Camp Casual Give Away!

Camp Casual is giving away one of their beautiful camp throws. This super soft 50 x 60 has been my favorite thing this whole cold winter. I chose the Road Trip blanket in the picture below. It was a hard choice because I really have a thing about owls! Whatever the pattern on the face fabric is, the same softness will be there. The reverse of this blanket is a cozy velvety fabric that will warm up any cold afternoon at home or nippy camp night around the fire.

I just love this photo I swiped from Camp Casual Facebook page. It just screams “snuggle”.

The sweet folks at Camp Casual make those retro dishes we all love to own and collect for our trailers and this year they added these wonderful throws. I have been dragging mine around the house all winter but I am definitely moving it to my camper when the season starts. They are offering Girl Camper followers a coupon code to get 20% off any of their five styles. Just type in RVLOVER to get your discount.

It was a tough choice because I love owls but I could not resist the vintage trailers!!

Camp Casual also makes the Melamine tableware that are perfect for camping. Their retro designs make them a nostalgic camper accessory that is totally functional. I have the salad bowl with the matching utensils that I mostly use  for popcorn!!

The 12 piece dish set comes with four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls. The salad bowl makes a great bowl for any side dish!

To be in the running for the give away, sign up for our Girl Camper blog post notices!

photos courtesy of Camp Casual.