14 Aug

Here We Go Again

It’s true! Even I didn’t think I would never renovate a trailer again but the plan was to take a longer break than 6 weeks!! Trailers have a way of popping up though and this classic 1966 Go Tag Along was right here in my own town. I couldn’t resist.

The plan from now on is to just gut them. Now that I have done it once I think it is easier and it gives me more peace of mind when I sell them. I can tell the buyer that I replaced absolutely everything!

Here she is! 10.5  feet with another 2′ for the tongue.

Ugly, uglier and ugliest! They all apply here.

The original kitchen.

There was a bunk over the back bed that was very low and all the wood on the back wall was quite squishy! The official term for “has to go”!

Lunch anyone?

After my dear hubby pulled out the back wall,  the wood “supporting”  the wall over the windows disintegrated in his hands. The leak stemmed from the running lights. Even if it seems as if there is no water coming in the lights should be taken off every few years and new buytl tape put on . This is preferrable to just caulking them.

There was no water damage on side walls but the back left floor was rotted out.

And here is a sneak peak at the inspiration for the new interior. Just a hint. Lots of work to do before the fun part!!