20 Oct

Country Living Fair ~ Here we come!

Here is a link to Go RVing’s blog on the sisters on the fly who will be attending the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia this weekend. So much trailer happiness! I am leaving for the fair on Wednesday and can’t wait to see the 80 sisters attending. I will also be camping in my new Lake House trailer for the second time! Took her overnight this past weekend and have lots of work to do for a long trip! Didn’t even have a bottle opener on board!

Here are a few pictures that didn’t fit on Go RVing’s Sneak Preview!


05 Oct

Camp Like A Girl 2

I just had to add to this and post all the details that make these trailers so special. I love the curated items that find their way into our little travel homes and the stories that they hold. Here are a few of my favorites from the Rocky Mountain Hi trip with the Sisters on the Fly in Buffalo, Wyoming.

I love this sign!


This is so clever. I wish I remember who made it so I could credit her!   A lampshade frame with a single bulb hanging in the  center and then hand crocheted lace attached with baubles and broaches accenting it. That’s how to camp like a girl.  


This must be a Scotty owner!


Sweet Scotties!


What I call “campertastic”!





I loved this pillow. Only wish it was a cowgirl and not a cowboy!


Yes!!!  It’s all hers!!


Wink, wink!!


This was just the best! A trailer with a china closet!!


Perfect! Sometimes less is more!




Beautiful Debra!


Chaps for the sophisticated cowgirl. These would be easy to make.




This must look so cozy at night.



So inviting!



What a perfect fit!




03 Oct

Camp Like a Girl!!

When I was in Buffalo, Wyoming last August to attend Cowgirl Boot Camp at the Willow Creek Ranch, I had the opportunity to stop in and have lunch at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo with about 80 sisters on the fly attending their annual, Rocky Mountain Hi gathering. It was great meeting so many sisters I “see” on Facebook but I really was just chomping at the bit to see all those trailers in one place. There is so much detail, love and personality in each trailer.  I can see why so many women end up having more than one! I just had to share the love.



I love very rustic functional things so this was one of my favorite kitchens!














01 Oct

The” $5 Trailer” or “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover”!

When a good wife suggests to her husband that even though she does not camp, really isn’t planning on camping, but loves those glamped up trailers all over Pinterest; a smart husband gets right on that! That is what my new FB friend Kim’s sweet husband Bryan did. He first took her to see all the new ones available at RV dealerships. Bryan though just didn’t seem to understand that she didn’t want granite counters and dark cabinets. It seemed silly to pay  20K  for a brand new  trailer and then rip it all apart. When Bryan saw a 1984 Citation on Craigslist he made an appointment and took Kim over to see it. They were so impressed by the condition of the trailer and by the owners pride in it. He had taken out the front couch and installed two comfy “TV watching” chairs for his wife and himself. Other than that it was in near mint original condition.

The trailer had been lovingly and meticulously maintained. Bryan thought, “Great! It’s ready to use” , and he agreed to pay the full asking price;  $5.00!


Not really understanding Kim’s vision he agreed to let her “girlie it up ” as long as he could keep the antlers!  

I really like that this trailer has an actual “bedroom”.

The first thing Kim did was pull off all of the doors and drawers and prime everything with Kilz primer paint and then whitewash the entire trailer in Eggshell. It was hard to do this because the trailer was in excellent original condition. A vinyl peel and stick floor that looked like wood and was very similar in color to the kitchen counter and table was the next install to be made. It took Kim 3 hours to do this by herself.

Her next task was to fashion a front bench that would function as a dining bench, pull out to a bed when needed, and provide storage.
I would say that she did that!! Six body pillows with cases made for them form the comfortable back cushions and Kim made the throw pillows, curtains and seat cover.
Now, the bedroom! It was Anne Bradstreet that said, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant”.  Here is the  proof in that statement.
 It all began with the quilt! Pinterst inspired, Kim shopped the fabric stores for fabrics that reminded her of the quilts her grandmother made when she was young. She was so pleased with how it turned out that she used it as the jump off for the accessories,  including the beautiful pillows she made in her embroidery business and the southern belle pillowcases she embroidered by hand for the bed. I think it is so inviting.

Kim made the quilt and then a few more for family members. This lady knows how to use a needle and thread!

I am going to break into my collection of vintage plaids and make one of these for my Lake House Trailer.

It is always the details that take a trailer for styled to personal. Running around Home Goods for just the right thing takes a trailer for showroom blah to better;  but handmade and personalized items are what make it a home on the road and not just a tricked out trailer.

The kitchen is up next. It’s amazing what a little paint and spit and polish will do. Here is the “before”.
Kim made all the curtains in the camper and created the “chandelier” from Christmas tree ornaments.

The original refrigerator had been replaced and a new one retrofitted into place. The “Cold Drinks” sign fills the gap created when the new refrigerator was smaller and needed a wood filler.  I love that sign.

The condition of the original stove top is incredible.

And now, as if all of this was not enough, this trailer, has a BATHROOM!

And now,
Simple, but so perfect! I love the canvas she chose for over the commode!
And, because I cannot get enough of this charming house on wheels, a few more of the details that make it so welcoming and personal.

The Shasta trailer that Kim fell in love with that set the whole thing off!

The name of Kim’s trailer is Ora Mae, after her grandmother.

And Kim made good on her promise to let Bryan keep the antlers!!

Here is the link to Kim’s Etsy page where you can find wonderful embroidered “campertastic” things!