26 Jan

Girl Camper #16: Trailer Throw Down, New Vs. Vintage

I this weeks episode we are talking about the pros and cons of new and vintage travel trailers. Some Girl Campers wouldn’t have anything but vintage and others would only do new. My travel buddy Carol and I discuss our own experiences with vintage trailer ownership and why we would both consider jumping ship. There is also some encouragement in our Camp Fire chat along with the announcement of our latest trip, Paint Like a Girl. Artist Mary Gregory is opening her Texas ranch to Girl Campers and wannabes for an art workshop called, Paint Like a Girl. November 4-6, 2016 will be the dates for this all inclusive, true Texas experience. Details are on the Meet Up site on the Camp Like a Girl group page. You must join the Camp Like a Girl Meet Up group to attend.

Mary Gregory;s Studio


19 Jan

Girl Camper #15: Hiking the Appalachian Trail

On this weeks episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Laurrie Pottiger and Hope Midock from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy office in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on all things AT. How the trail is maintained and who does all that work along with the AT lingo. What’s a SOBO and a NOBO and what is trail magic? This 2100 mile National Scenic Trail is a national treasure and if you are anywhere on the Eastern seaboard, part of it is right in your backyard. I also chatted about the difference between “ST”,  Special Trailer tires, and “LT”,  Light Truck, tires and the debate about whether “ST” tires are absolutely necessary on your travel trailer. In the Girl Camper News Roundup there is news about my GoRVing blog. It’s a year round thing now!! You will get to read the profiles of all the women who are Girl Campers year round. Whether you’re a martini and tutus Girl Camper or a boondocking, hiking, catch your own supper, Girl Camper you will enjoy reading about how these ladies made it happen.

RV Tires by Mark Polk

Janine’s Go RVing blog

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

12 Jan

Girl Camper #14: Tim Jones talks Riverside Retro, the New “Old” trailer!

On Episode #14 of Girl Camper Tim Jones from White Water is the guest and we will be talking about the new “old” trailer, the Riverside Retro. This trailer is hand built by Amish craftsmen and is a solution to the dilemma faced by many  Girl Campers who want that vintage vibe but with hot water on demand and without the drama of  rebuilding a 50 year old trailer. Tim shares the construction elements of this trailer, the design details and why it is timeless. I will also be chatting about how to keep mice out of your trailer over the winter and sharing some fun mail from excited new Girl Campers.

Riverside Retro Trailers

Mouse – Free RV’s

Fresh Cab Packets

05 Jan

Girl Camper #13: Towing Safety with Walter Cannon

On this week’s episode Walter Cannon from RV Safety and Education Foundation discusses the formula for determining your tow vehicle’s maximum towing capacity and your trailer’s true weight. He will also tell us how to determine the tongue weight of your rig. The tongue weight is the downward force that the tongue of the trailer exerts on the hitch attached to your tow vehicle. To tow safely and control sway one should have a tongue weight of 9 – 15% of the trailer’s total weight. Listen to Walter as he explains the true weight of your vehicle and rig. Insurers estimate 70% of the trailers being towed do not fit industry standards. Does yours? In our Girl Camper News Roundup we have a new trip – The Great American Road Trip through the north western hills of South Carolina. The Girl Campers will be leaving from Gaffney, South Carolina and taking the historic Rt 11 trip through the foothills to the Georgia border. Waterfalls, roadside stands, B & B’s, Table Rock and lots of other tourist attractions await the traveler on this trip. Also on this episode is a segment on safe caravanning. When a group of people are all going to the same place, is it best to stay together or leave some room on the highway?  Outside Our Bubble has some great advice and a Dash Cam “don’t ” to view.