28 Feb

Girl Camper #73: Getting Ready for the Camping Season Part 2

On this week’s show I’m talking about prepping the outside of your trailer for the coming season. From tires to outside storage solutions to maintaining your vinyl awning, there are things to be done before you hit the road in 2017.

Cleaning the winters dirt off your trailer is a simple process. We first washed the trailer down with Dawn detergent and rinsed with clean water.

The resistant black RV streaks came off with Goof Off and a soft rag. We then washed the trailer again to remove any Good Off residue and dried it with micro fiber towels.

Getting the outside storage bin organized was a pleasure. It feels great to know these things are not rolling around loosely in the space where they could cause damage to the exposed mechanics of the hot water heater.

I’m also talking about my great fishing trip with guide Kai on the oyster beds of Hilton Head. We had a great day even without catching any fish! I learned so much about this regions natural habitats and the value of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Our guide Kai took us out on a flat boat and used the Captain’s perch to spot fish.

The fish weren’t biting but I had a great day trying!

The oyster beds are natures filters. An adult oyster filters 50 gallons of water a day.

The Girl Camper mugs are back in stock! You can purchase one at Girlcamper.com.

The Girl Camper mug is back in stock and is available on Girlcamper.com. The price of $27 includes shipping and handling.

21 Feb

Camp Casual Give Away!

Camp Casual is giving away one of their beautiful camp throws. This super soft 50 x 60 has been my favorite thing this whole cold winter. I chose the Road Trip blanket in the picture below. It was a hard choice because I really have a thing about owls! Whatever the pattern on the face fabric is, the same softness will be there. The reverse of this blanket is a cozy velvety fabric that will warm up any cold afternoon at home or nippy camp night around the fire.

I just love this photo I swiped from Camp Casual Facebook page. It just screams “snuggle”.

The sweet folks at Camp Casual make those retro dishes we all love to own and collect for our trailers and this year they added these wonderful throws. I have been dragging mine around the house all winter but I am definitely moving it to my camper when the season starts. They are offering Girl Camper followers a coupon code to get 20% off any of their five styles. Just type in RVLOVER to get your discount.

It was a tough choice because I love owls but I could not resist the vintage trailers!!

Camp Casual also makes the Melamine tableware that are perfect for camping. Their retro designs make them a nostalgic camper accessory that is totally functional. I have the salad bowl with the matching utensils that I mostly use  for popcorn!!

The 12 piece dish set comes with four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls. The salad bowl makes a great bowl for any side dish!

To be in the running for the give away, sign up for our Girl Camper blog post notices!

photos courtesy of Camp Casual.

21 Feb

Episode 72: Getting Ready for the Camping Season

On this week’s show I am talking trailer preparedness. I have been sorting and sifting through my St. George trailer and fixing some issues that bothered me last year while also reevaluating my use of available space. I have also been finding space for those camping themed Christmas and Valentine’s Day presents.  When the cold weather breaks and the camping season begins, I am going to be ready to roll.

A trip to the home supply store set me up for my organization day in the St George.

I grew up in the Midwest where Lake house vacations in  family cabins were the rule. I can still remember the feel of the old pine walls and kitchen items that were several generations old but still put to use.  The loved and worn furnishings and old wool blankets somehow made the cabins feel so safe and warm. I always find myself buying the things that remind me of those days and now I want to use them in my St. George trailer and recreate that vintage cabin feel.

One of my favorite things about my Riverside Retro is the cabin feel it has although it is brand new.

I have been collecting wool blankets for years. I love the old striped ones with the satin edges. I also love to collect knitted or crocheted blankets that are wool. It’s not unusual to find them and see that someone has washed them in hot water and they have shrunk. This is a negative to most people but they make great camping blankets. The tightened stitches make them extra warm and they are usually less expensive.

It’s hard for me to pass up a wool blanket of any style.

Spring Clean Tips

  1. It’s a good idea to reevaluate your use of space and items at the beginning of each camping season. As you go through each cabinet, ask yourself how often you used that item and if it warrants the space its taking up.
  2. Decide if you really want to give space to a camping gift. When you have a passion people tend to give you gifts that surround it. If you don’t have a need for a well intentioned gift, regift or use it in your home.
  3. The annual Spring clean is a great time to top off your first aid kit and make sure you have what you use most and that what you use least has not expired. Stock up on bandaids and don’t forget the butterfly bandages.
  4. When getting ready for the new season give some thought to things that bothered you last year and come up with some resolutions. New reading lights by the bed and a refrigerator fan to even the cooling in my refrigerator are two problems I addressed this year.
  5. Use the space in your trailer in a way that is best for you. Just because the RV designer intended the closet for hanging clothes doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. I am turning my closet into what will be more practical for me – shelves that will hold a lot more of what I need on trips.
  6. Prettify your trailer! It’s a great time to work in some design aspects for your trailer that will make it feel like home. I ordered a National Parks map for the wall in my booth and am finally going to hang some pictures I have been meaning to get to. Think of your trailer like a second home because it is! Find the balance of things you love and make you feel at home but not too cluttered.
  7. The bed in your trailer should be as comfortable as your home bed. This year I will probably spend at least 75 nights in my trailer. I am making the investment in comfortable sheets and blankets and pillows. Don’t forget good reading lights !

Being a happy camper is all about balance. By keeping your camper cleaned out and assessing your needs for it each year,  you will be more likely to enjoy using it. Having the camper comfortable but clutter free makes it easy to hitch up on a Friday night and head out in. Happy trails everyone.


14 Feb

Girl Camper: Episode #71 Maurrie Suussman from Sisters on the Fly

On this weeks show my guest is the co-founder of  Sisters on the Fly , Maurrie Sussman. The Sisters on the Fly is the largest outdoor women’s adventure group in the country with over 8 thousand members. She and her sister Becky Clarke founded the group over 20 years ago and have been having “more fun than anyone” ever since. Maurrie is here today to talk about the groups beginnings, the coveted trailers, their bucket list trips and the women who join them.

Becky Clarke and Maurrie Sussman, real life sisters and co founders of Sisters on the Fly.

07 Feb

Episode 70: Collecting Girl Camper Style

My guest this week is my old friend Carol Thompson. Carol and I have been shopping and junkin’ together for decades. We have also been camping over the last ten years with the Queen’s of Glamping and we know what they are buying and where they are getting it as well as what they are paying for it. We are going to talk about how the Girl Campers are using their vintage finds to accent their trailers and provide needed storage solutions.



We also have a give away from Lawn Chairs USA to talk about. Lawn Chairs USA is donating a set of reproduction aluminum lawn chairs to a lucky winner. These chairs are made in Georgia and can be custom ordered to match your vintage trailer, bring some nostalgic charm to your new trailer or to promote your favorite sports team. Lawn Chairs USA started in 2010 with the  idea to bring back a classic piece of Americana. To be in the running to win a set of two chairs you can go to Instagram and tag a friend on the photo of the chairs and write, “I want to win” in the comments. You can also sign up for blog updates to be entered into the drawing.


The classic aluminum picnic chair is still being manufactured in Georgia and Lawn Chairs USA is giving two away to a podcast listener.

I am sharing the details of my new to me 2014 Ford F150 Lariat and why I chose it. The most important feature is its 9200 pound towing capacity. That leaves me the option of a future trailer upgrade without having to replace my tow vehicle. The GVWR of my current trailer is 3300 pounds. The axle ratio allows for another 832 pounds of cargo. At a little over 4100 pounds the new truck can easily handle my trailer but it leaves me the option of upgrading in the future.