30 May

Girl Camper #86 Foul Weather Camping

On this weeks show I am chatting about camping in less than ideal conditions.  There was a time in my life in which a 50 percent chance of lousy weather would have me canceling reservations but now I am of a new mind and embracing whatever Mother Nature throws my way. We just spent a very rainy weekend in Lancaster, Pa and had the time of our lives. The elements didn’t stop of us from enjoying the camp out. We just enjoyed other things than we normally do.

BFF Carol stopped by to borrow eggs! Making great meals is a fun thing to do in bad weather.


Some things to do on a raining weekend in the camper include:

Cooking a great meal and inviting a fellow camper over. We have company at home, why not at the campground. Spend some one on one time with a treasured friend or someone you hardly know.


Cooking a great meal in the camper is not something I usually do but enjoy doing in bad weather.

Clean and organize those trailer cabinets. It’s amazing how quickly they fill up with stuff you are hardly using. Take the opportunity to take inventory and get rid of things you are not using!

A rainy day in the camper is a great time to write an old fashioned letter to someone you love. Snail mail is a thing of the past and many members of the younger generation have no idea what the post meant to people in the “olden days”.  Treat an old neighbor in a nursing home or a grandchild who doesn’t even know what a letter is to an old fashioned “howdy” or post card from your travels.

I love using down time to catch up on my watercolor travel journals.

Take time to journal or scrap book about your travels. Having a concrete recollection of your trips brings back memories that might otherwise have been forgotten. It’s easy to fall behind on this good intention when you’re busy actually doing those things. Use a foul weather day to catch up on recording memories.

There are more foul weather camping tips on the podcast as well as what you have to do to be in the running for the http://toastite.biz pie irons that we are making great use of this season. I grew up on grilled cheese around the fire  in these handy camping treat makers and I am now discovering that the possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner are endless in these easy to tote and use little camping must haves. To win a set of three different irons, head over to the Girl Camper Podcast page on Facebook and tag a friend who isn’t a member. Leave a comment on the photo of the  Toas-Tite give away.  I will pick two winners next week for the whole set!


We have been Jackson much fun using our new Toas-Tite pie irons.

To get an entry into the drawing for a set of Toas-Tite pie irons, tag a friend and leave a comment on the Girl Camper Podcast Facebook page.