Someone recently asked me what I like least about towing and camping with my camper.  I had to think about that for a minute.  I’ve been towing for at least a decade.  I have to say that the setup and leveling process when solo camping is what I like the least.  It’s not hard, but it’s a bit of a pain when you’re camping by yourself.

I have a bit of a bum shoulder.  It occasionally gives me trouble – and when it flares up, cranking a manual tongue jack hurts.  Thus, when I was given the opportunity to “test drive” Lippert’s Power Tongue Jack, I happily said YES.  (Disclaimer:  I received the Lippert Power Tongue Jack gratis in return for an honest review.)

This product is available on the Lippert website here:  Power Tongue Jack


  1. No more cranking!  No standing there cranking with a sore shoulder.  This is a must have for anyone who has any sort of physical limitation.
  2. Easy adjustments.  When you’re camping solo, you spend a lot of time trotting back and forth checking to see if everything is level, and making little tweaks to your stabilizers, your jack, and your blocks to make sure everything is just right.  The electric jack makes those micro adjustments with just the slightest press of the button.
  3. Enhanced mobility and versatility.  There is nothing worse than pulling into a campsite and setting up after dark.  This jack has a handy light that illuminates the whole front of the camper, taking some of the frustration out of those late arrivals.
  4. Easy installation.  I do mean EASY.  We literally had to remove the three bolts from the manual jack, insert the new Power Jack, and pop those three bolts back in.  It took about 10 minutes!


  1. Speed/power.  The jack is slow.  Not quite as slow as cranking manually, but a bit more power would be nice. 
  2. Power dependency.  If your battery is dead, your power jack won’t work.  It does come with a crank just in case.  The port for the crank is easily accessible on the top of the jack; however, I have a bike rack mounted over the top of it, so it would take a bit of effort to access it.  Lippert has a solution, though – the Power Swap Auxiliary Cord.  This allows you to connect your jack to your tow vehicle to avoid using your camper battery.


Honestly?  In my opinion, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack is worth every penny, especially if you have any sort of physical injury or limitation.  Upgrade your set up and spend less time and effort on the technicalities, and get busy actually CAMPING.  😊

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