Beautiful, durable enamelware in dozens of patterns for every day dining, life at the campground, themed events and even sets for children that you’ll pass down for generations!

When you shop at, use the discount code “GirlCamper” (no quotes necessary) at checkout to receive 10% off your entire purchase as a Girl Camper!  The PERFECT gift for anyone in your life (including YOU!) who loves a beautiful and fun table setting.

Golden Rabbit offers everything you’d need to set a table at home or the campground, from tasting dishes, to dinner settings, cookware to a breathtaking serving tray that will be the envy of your next camping adventure!  Every piece can be cut on, put in the freezer, oven, broiler, grill, stove top and even the dishwasher.  Because they’re super lightweight, shatterproof, chip and scratch resistant, they’ll travel beautiful with you when you hit the road.

We may receive a small commission from Golden Rabbit as an affiliate partner, but you can be confident in knowing that Girl Camper uses this enamelware and fully endorses their products. We stand behind the quality of every Golden Rabbit item, the beauty of their designs and the company’s core values.

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