Welcome to this week’s episode of the Girl Camper Podcast! Today, we’re discussing everything you need to know about hiring an RV inspector or technician. We’re joined by Carol Mitchell, aka Coach C, a seasoned RV tech and educator who shares her journey and expert advice. Whether you’re in the market for a new RV or need repairs, this episode will have you covered.

**Meet Coach C**

Carol Mitchell, known as Coach C, transitioned from a lifetime career as an athletic coach to becoming an RV tech and inspector. However, despite her initial apprehension towards electrical work, Carol had a passion for learning and helping others led her to excel in this field.

**Becoming an RV Tech**

Carol stumbled upon an ad for an online home course for RV techs and decided to give it a try. She then enrolled in the RV Training Academy in Texas, where she undertook both inspector and tech training. Her training included a four-week hands-on program and additional coursework for certification.

**Roles and Responsibilities**

– **RV Inspectors:** Conduct pre-purchase inspections, similar to a home inspection, to assess the condition of an RV.

– **RV Technicians:** Handle a wide range of repairs, focusing primarily on electrical issues, which are the most common problems encountered.

**Finding an RV Inspector or Technician**

If you need an RV inspection or repairs, search online for national locators. Websites like NRVIA.org for inspectors and RVTAA.org for techs allow you to enter your zip code to find professionals nearby.

**Training and Community**

For those interested in becoming a tech or inspector, various training opportunities are available, including online and in-person classes. Additionally, the RV Women’s Alliance and RV Technical Institute offer programs and community support for aspiring female techs.

**Tips from Coach C**

1. **Walkabout:** Always take your time and follow your checklist to avoid accidents and mistakes.

2. **Understand Power:** Know the basics of RV electrical systems and how to troubleshoot.

3. **Use an EMS:** Invest in an Electrical Management System to protect your RV’s electronics from power surges and failures.

**Wrap Up**

Hiring a qualified RV inspector or technician can save you from costly repairs and ensure your RV is safe and reliable. Whether you’re buying a new RV or need to address some mechanical issues, professionals like Coach C offer invaluable expertise and support. Stay tuned for more tips and advice, and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for future episodes!

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