Get ready for this week’s podcast episode 225 as we go behind the scenes into the adventurous world of RV Unplugged with Lesa McDermott & Mary Byrnes of Team Girl Camper! We’re thrilled to also have Todd Henson and Tony Flamnia, the creative masterminds behind the show. RV Unplugged is not your typical RV show. It combines the thrill of reality competition with the challenges and joys of off-grid RV camping. Contestants, including everyday RVers, face intense challenges for a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000.

In this episode, Mary and I share behind-the-scenes stories of our own experiences that tested our skills, perseverance, and strategy in the competition. Additionally, hear firsthand how the concept of RV Unplugged was born out of a desire to bring true entertainment to the RV community, especially during the COVID era when traditional RV entertainment was scarce. The show aims to highlight the adventurous spirit of RVing while also introducing non-RVers to the lifestyle.

Season one was a pilot, and it quickly hooked participants and viewers alike. Comparatively, season two raises the stakes and presents even more thrilling challenges. From dealing with gators to managing resources off-grid, the show is as entertaining as it is educational. We also discuss the unique dynamics and diverse cast of season two, featuring a range of RVers from different backgrounds and with different types of RVs.

As we gear up for the premiere of season two, we talk about the production process, the camaraderie among contestants, and what viewers can expect from the new episodes. Plus, we offer insights into how you can watch the show and even apply to compete in the next season.

Don’t miss out on this exciting episode! Tune in to get insider details, learn more about RV Unplugged, and find out how you can join the adventure.

Episodes of RV Unplugged can be watched on their website and YouTube Channel RV Unplugged.

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