Becoming a Girl Camper

What makes a girl camper? I have come to see in my travels that many women have a secret, and sometimes not so secret, longing to be a girl camper. A glamper. A grown up girl scout. A woman who “does things”. When we girl campers are displaying our tricked out trailers at fairs and campgrounds we meet the most wonderful women who are at first, awed by the trailers themselves. Who wouldn’t love this?



They then ask the inevitable question, “how do you get them there?”  This always amazes me. There are many women who can’t believe a woman tows a trailer to a location, unhitches it, stabilizes it, plugs it in and ENJOYS!
I hope to address some of the obstacles to becoming a girl camper in this blog in an effort to encourage women to realize they have what it takes to do this even if they don’t believe it themselves. With the girl camping world they will find women who will inspire, encourage and nurture them on their path to becoming women who “go places and do things”.
Stay tuned while I address the obstacles I hear.
1) I don’t have a trailer
2)I don’t kow how to tow
3) I don’t have anyone in my life to help me fix up a trailer
4) I live in a condo, gated community, snooty neighborhood that won’t allow trailers
5) I went on line and there are no campouts near me
6) What about my husband, children, aging parents
7) I dont know if I can just go someplace where I don’t know a soul
8) How will I find a trailer?
9) I don’t own a tow vehicle
Answers to all these questions coming to this blog soon!!!
Janine Pettit
Girl Camper; going places, doing things!