Camper College

On the journey to becoming a Girl Camper there are questions!! Lots of questions. As good teachers will always say, “There’s no such thing as a silly question.” In an effort to get those questions answered by those in the know,  I partnered with Ketelsen Campers of Colorado to invite women wanting to learn the do’s and don’ts of trailer travel. 

 The Ketelsen staff showing the workings of various trailer models

 If you did not grow up camping you will have lots of questions regarding the propane tank. Do I shut it off while I am driving? (Yes!) Can it leak? How long does one tank last? How do I turn it on and off?  Can it fall of the trailer while I am driving? A Ketelsen employee explains!

 Randy Ketelsen addresses the enthusiastic group of would be girl campers. I love that someone is taking notes!!

 The Riverside Retro Trailer is behind Randy. I will admit to an unapologetic partiality to this trailer! If you  can’t redo a vintage trailer and want most of the charm of vintage without the worries, this is the trailer for you! I see one in my future.

 A great turn out for a Friday night.

 Now they are sisters!! It’s been a while since my mom dressed my sisters and I in matching outfits but it is a universally recognized symbol of sisterhood!

 Explaining how the 12 Volt system works.

 A classic pop up if you are camping with lots of girlfriends.

 A hands on demonstration of hitching up the trailer. This is so important because it is most peoples biggest concern.

Q and A time with the staff.

A great evening was had by all and minds were put at ease. Knowledge is not only power but it is peace. Knowing how something works and knowing that a good dealership has your back gives you the courage to turn dreams into reality.  Follow this blog for postings on upcoming Camper College events in your area.