The Party Girl! Sister on the Fly Karen Reichert!

Sister on the Fly Karen Reichert is the party giver and hostess extraordinaire of  the Midwest and it was my privilege to profile her for my Go RVing blog. I just had to add some photos that there was not enough room for on the Go RVing blog.
Tastings and tutus are a common theme at Sister on the Fly events. Local purveyors of food and fun are often asked to share their talents and wares.

After all the hard work of setting up and arranging ones camper has been done, it is customary to commence with the strolling trailer tour!! BYOB!


 Whenever I am on one of these tours I can feel the warmth that each trailer gives its owner! I always want to sit and soak in all the trailer/owner love!
And this is why the trip is called, “I Love Fall Camping!”

Sister on the Fly Dodie Sheffield and her trailer, Marigold!

The costumes were not limited to the sisters!
For those so inclined a crafting afternoon is an option. Karen gathers all of the supplies and instructors and after a demonstration each sister heads to her work station to create her masterpiece and memory!
One of my favorite things to do is to soak up all the trailer interiors! It always makes me want to start over! So many ideas, so few trailers!
Fully equipped with all the things a sister needs to “camp like a girl!”
Texas Rodeo Style


Dish towels are a favorite sister collectible.
Playing dress up never gets old for girls! This is where the “making girls out of women” adage really plays out! It is so much fun to be a grown up with a “dress up” box! That’s a “normal” sister thing!!
What’s a sister event without a “cowgirl prom?” Just another excuse to play dress up!
I will be attending Karen’s annual, “I Love Fall Camping” event this October and will share all the photos with you. It is a trip that I have been envying on line for years. I am finally going to fit it into my schedule and I am getting my Lake House trailer, Roam Sweet Home 2.0 all ready for Halloween! Stay tuned or better yet, log on and join the Sisters on the Fly and join us!