RV Refrigerator Tips

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On today’s show I have some tips for keeping your RV refrigerator clean and organized. RV refrigerators do not work like a home refrigerator. They don’t have a circulating fan to move the cool air around them. When you open an RV fridge to get something, it can take an hour for it to recool to the former temperature so here are some tips for making the most of an RV refrigerator.

  • Plug it in the night before so it is cold when you put food in it.
  • Make sure the food you put in it is already cold.
  • Use an RV refrigerator air circulator to keep cold air moving around.
  • Set it on Auto and then it will run on electricity as soon as you plug it in. When you disconnect the electric it will go to propane automatically.
  • If you are having trouble getting the fridge to light on propane, light the stove first and draw the gas through the line.
  • If you travel with the propane on, be sure to turn it off at gas stations, tunnels and wherever state highways regulations require it.
  • If you are traveling without propane on, use a cooler to put the snacks and drinks you might want on the road in the tow vehicle with you.
  • When traveling without the propane on, use freezer blocks in the refrigerator to keep it colder.
  • For the quick retrieval of foods organize the lunch foods or snacks in plastic, open weave baskets or bins that you can pull out with everything you need in one place.
  • Transfer salads from the hard plastic containers to zip lock bags. Reuse them when you are finished.
  • Use Rubbermaid shelf liner on the bottom of door bins to keep the items from sliding.

  • Use a fridge brace to keep large items from moving while towing.


  • You can use the spring rod braces for the refrigerator to keep the items in place while moving.

  • Empty all of the items out of the fridge after each use. Wipe the refrigerator with bleach wipes and dry the walls. Keep the doors ajar when you are not using it.

  • Use an odor deodorizer in the fridge.

  • To defrost quickly, cut a flexible cutting mat to fit the floor of the freezer and back walls. The frost will build up on that and then you just have to take them out and shake them off. Dry them before putting them back in.

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