We’re doing it! First ever East Coast Camp Like a Girl event! You don’t have to know “how” to camp and you don’t have to have a tricked out vintage trailer.  You do not have to belong to an existing girl camping group. What you do have to have is a desire to be part of this sub culture of crazy women who like to dress up, sleep away from home,  hike, kayak, go junkin’, cook great meals and make new friends!! If you have been stalking Pinterest and Facebook watching all the fun these women are having and not knowing how to get on board, here’s your big chance to try it out!!

Here’s how simple it is! Join the Meet Up site, “Camp Like a Girl” and register for this event. Details are posted there. It will take place Oct 2-4 in Central New Jersey. Actual location is for members of Camp Like a Girl only!  Make your reservations now as the park is a county park and fills up quickly. There are 64 sites and tents and trailers can share a site to save on costs. There are also three cabins that sleep six each. Grab five girlfriends and come!

 So inviting! I love seeing everyone’s personal style come across in their tents and trailers. I love the classic awning on this trailer. Note to self, add fringe to your awning!

 How is a girl camper different than a ‘regular’ camper? Most women make a home no matter where they are. We like comfort and we like company and we like to be surrounded by things that we love, even when we are camping!!! Notice the red table? It folds down into a suitcase! They were made in the 40’s and 50’s and came with picnic gear in them. They are hard to come by but after an exhaustive search (on Ebay! and elsewhere) my friend Pam found one at an Ohio estate sale and called me from the sale asking me if she should pick it up and mail it to me. Only one catch, it was $75! Without hesitating I said YES! Paired with my $5 vintage Coleman lantern that means I only paid $40. Girl Camper Math!

 I love anything that is red! Add polka dots or plaid and I’m in love! This trailer belongs to a sister on the fly and I took these pictures at the Rocky Mountain Hi Meet Up in Wyoming last summer on my way to Cowgirl College. So much eye candy!
 So many people think that older is better but this 1980’s trailer made me want to move in! Don’t discount what you have before you put your touch on it!
 There’s so much practicality in old things! Form and function! Who wants an orange home depot cooler when you can have this? Love the tablecloth too. Moda Fabrics makes them and the repros can be purchased at Amazon.

 One of the women had this sign in her trailer! I think it sums up girl campers beautifully!

 Enough said!
 Not only is this adorable, but having a bike at some campgrounds is a real plus. Sometimes the potty and ice machine are far away!
 It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, the neighborhood, the neighborhood!


 Ahh! Breathe deeply! You’re home!
 One of the more clever trailer names.
 Who says you need a trailer? I love the attitude of women that camp in tents. She is not letting the lack of a trailer stop her from having fun! An inflatable
Aerobed, a few throw rugs and great blankets and your camping in style and comfort! Plus you’re saving on gas!
 This is a Girl Camper!!
 I am awestruck by this tent which belongs to Kelley Jewells Parker, a sister on the fly from the Southwest. I have a fantasy that I hit the lottery and get Kelley to come out and completely redecorate my house!! A girl can dream right?
 Camp Style! Simple but so beautiful and inviting!
I hope you are inspired to join or at least check out the girl camping movement! We are “making girls out of women!”


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