Stones Camping World of Berlin, NJ were the gracious hosts last night for our first Camper College in NJ! To refresh, Camper College is a free evening after hours tutorial on all things ”travel trailer” related. As Kevin Stone, second generation owner of Stones Camping World pointed out last night, there are no dumb questions. It was just great having all their knowledge and expertise available to those entering into the camping world for the first time or maybe, like me, returning to it, sans the tent! 

Stone’s Camping World. The official NJ home of Girl Campers !
Stones Camping World carries a favorite trailer among Girl Campers, The Riverside Retro by White River.

The interior of the Riverside 166 before we Girl Campers glamped it up!


After renovating at least 10 vintage trailers I believe I am in a place to buy a Riverside and just skip the whole restoration process!



The cozy dining nook of the Riverside Retro. I love that the table slides left and right to allow you to get in with ease.
As always, talking with my hands!! Introducing Kevin Stone, second generation proprietor of this family owned and operated dealership.
I love that this Girl Camper is taking notes!!!
Kevin explaining the features on this travel trailer to a crowd of about 25 Girl Campers.
One of the things that newbie trailer owners worry most about is the trailer actually falling off of the hitch. Here Kevin takes us through the process one step at a time. This is standard operating procedure at their dealership for all new owners. You don’t leave with it until you are completely comfortable with each step.
The back side of the trailer. A lesson on what all those little doors are and where the plug goes! Also, a demo on the water tanks. Grey water and black water! Oh My!
Q & A after the demo!


The After Party at the Voorhees Diner! The best part about having lots of Girl Camper buddies is that you don’t have to be camping in order to have fun with them.


Thank you again to Stones Camping World for agreeing to be the “official” NJ Girl Camper RV dealership. 

In Colorado?  Please visit Ketelsen Campers of Colorado for your Girl Camper needs. 
In Ohio? Check out Haydocy Airstream in Columbus. 

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