Janine Pettit shows how to make the perfect popcorn at the campground. Check out this video on camping hacks making popcorn at the campground. Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot batch of popcorn?

Popcorn at the campground is so easy to make! Coat the bottom of an aluminum pan with cooking oil, add popcorn, and cover the pan with foil. Put it over HOT COALS. You don’t want to make popcorn over an open campfire because it will get too hot too quickly and burn the popcorn. Listen for it to start popping and give it a few shakes. When it stops popping, remove from the coals and top with your favorite topping. We love butter (who doesn’t) and a little salt. But also try Parmesan cheese, chili lime salt, or garlic salt. Experiment! So yummy. Let us know what you like to put on your popcorn in the comments.

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