13 Mar

On Age and Attitude

The sisters on the Fly were nice enough to ask me to guest blog for them on their site’s “On Age and Attitude”  blog spot. I was so happy to do that because the older I get the more I feel that age really is just a number. The Sisters on the Fly prefer to think of themselves as ageless. If not ageless, then co-founder Maurrie Sussman says she’s 12! ” Twelve was my favorite age. We were in awe of everything! We had no boobies yet, hadn’t been kissed yet and boys were a pain!” Pretty much sums up 12 in our day. 

doing things 1

Maurrie Sussman, co-founder of Sisters on the Fly, who began fly fishing when her kids left the nest.

This week I read about 90 year old Norma who refused cancer treatment and instead sold everything show owned and with her son Tim and daughter in law Ramie, took off to see the country in a 36′ motorhome. Now that’s age with attitude! That’s the kind of woman I want to grow up to be! Her son started a Facebook page, Driving Miss Norma chronically all of her excellent adventures. She is proof that age really is what you make it. I imagine Miss Norma has always been a lady with a good attitude that took a pragmatic look at life and said, “oh well!” to things she had no control over.  I’ll wager she  “moved on” from life’s disappointments, not wasting time with “should’ves and could’ves.” Thank you Norma for reminding me that I have to start now becoming the woman I want to be when I am 90!

Miss Norma

I am following Miss Norma and hoping to be just like her when I grow up!

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08 Mar

Girl Camper #22: The Making of a Girl Camper

This  week’s episode is all about encouragement for the Girl Camper wannabe. I interview Mary Morey who shares with us how she went from being too frightened to tow a trailer to a proficient Girl Camper who has traveled thousands of miles and now mentors other women. Mary’s journey will inspire any woman wanting to join the movement to overcome her fears and join the fun. I also chat about the second annual Get in Gear Fest which is a consortium of the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina. This event will be held in Asheville, NC at the Smoky Mountain Adventure Center on May 19th. In the Girl Camper News Roundup I share the story of  Norma who at age ninety years declined treatment for cancer and instead chose to sell her house and spend the last years of her life visiting the National Parks and seeing America the Beautiful.