26 Jul

Girl Camper #42 Little Guy Worldwide

On this week’s episode we have retuning guest Chris Baum, Chief Operating Officer of Go Little Guy Worldwide, the largest manufacturer of tear drop trailers in the world.  Our interview was recorded at the Tearstock rally and includes thoughts on brand loyalty, the girl camping movement and their commitment to Camper College events.

12 Apr

Girl Camper #27: The Power of Women

On this week’s episode I share the inspirational stories of the women who are making the Girl Camping world a better place to live. Behind the scenes act of kindness and encouragement are happening everyday and lives are brighter and campier because of them. I also announce the winners of some contests and talk about my Riverside Retro purchase. Campfire Chat is all about the Go RVing upcoming seminars on camping hacks at the Country Living Fairs.

08 Mar

Girl Camper #22: The Making of a Girl Camper

This  week’s episode is all about encouragement for the Girl Camper wannabe. I interview Mary Morey who shares with us how she went from being too frightened to tow a trailer to a proficient Girl Camper who has traveled thousands of miles and now mentors other women. Mary’s journey will inspire any woman wanting to join the movement to overcome her fears and join the fun. I also chat about the second annual Get in Gear Fest which is a consortium of the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina. This event will be held in Asheville, NC at the Smoky Mountain Adventure Center on May 19th. In the Girl Camper News Roundup I share the story of  Norma who at age ninety years declined treatment for cancer and instead chose to sell her house and spend the last years of her life visiting the National Parks and seeing America the Beautiful.

06 Oct

Think Pink! at Haydocy Airstream!

October is pumpkins and football and sweaters and comfort food! It is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attention to this because cancer doesn’t run in my family and I have no relatives that have ever had breast cancer. The awareness part of the program though alerted me to the FACT that 80% of breast cancer diagnosis’ do not have a family relationship to the disease! Whoa! That’s staggering and shook me out of complacency and made me make an appointment for a mammogram. 

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04 Oct

Rally Ho! RV Family Travel Atlas Fall Rally!

I hate to see the camping season end and each year I extend it a little further into fall. This year I am winding up the season at the RV Family Travel Atlas Rally at the Philadelphia/Westchester KOA the weekend of October 23 and 24th. I attended the first ever RV Family Travel Atlas rally in the spring of this year and met some really great new camping buddies.

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi who are the voices behind the highly rated podcast of the same name really know how to draw a crowd. There were singles, and families and glampers and retirees! I loved the mix of those who love to camp. Stephanie and Jeremy’s top rated podcast is sponsored by Go RVing and is chock full of tips and tricks for campers of all styles. They also write prolifically for many camping publications! The rally is sure to draw a mixed crowd and I am so excited to be camping there with my family!

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