28 Oct

Girl Camper #4: The Airstream Dream…How to rent one!

Do you harbor an Airstream dream? I do, but when I sit in the showroom and look at the price tag I wonder if the dream would turn into a nightmare after the purchase.

What if I pay beau cup bucks and then don’t like the floor plan I chose? What if it’s too big or too small? If only there were a way to preview before the purchase.

Now there is. On Episode #4 of Girl Camper, I chat with Mike Harlan, the GM of Haydocy Airstream, about the new Airstream and GMC tow vehicle rental program with AAA. Who knew?

You can reach out to Haydocy at: www.haydocyairstream.com

Where to rent an Airstream: www.haydocyairstream.com

FYI! You can also rent a Vintage Cruiser or Little Guy “Tab” trailer through Haydocy!

I will also continue addressing the “objections” to becoming a Girl Camper. This week I will be talking about how to operate a travel trailer and the Girl Camper, Camper College program.

28 Oct

Girl Camper #3: Wild, Wonderful, Almost Heaven, West, by God, Virginia!

As the song says, there are fifty nifty United States and each of them has gems for us to explore. On Episode #3 of Girl Camper, I am speaking with Jessica Scowcroft,  Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau  of Tucker County in Davis, West Virginia. This beautiful part of the country offers so many opportunities for outdoor fun and is the location of our next ‘Camp Like a Girl’ event.

News Round up – Potato Creek State Park in North Liberty, Indiana. Casting for Recovery fundraising by the Sisters on the Fly.

I will also be working on the objections I hear about why women can’t become a Girl Camper. This weeks objection I address is “towing”. Be not afraid. Towing help is on the way.





28 Oct

Girl Camper #2: Find Your Park with South Carolina Ranger John Slaughter

Do you know about the Find Your Park program? The good ole USA is celebrating the Centennial of its national parks, and on Episode #2 of Girl Camper, I am chatting with Ranger John Slaughter,  Superintendent of National Parks from South Carolina about the centennial and the beautiful national parks in the Palmetto State.

Where to find me: www.girlcamper.com ; Instagram: girlcamper528 ; email, girlcamper528@gmail ; Meet-up, http://www.meetup.com/Camp-Like-A-Girl/

I will also be talking about the next “Camp Like a Girl” event that is going to be in Wild, Wonderful, Almost heaven, West, by God, Virginia.  “Go Girl, Go!” May 13-15, 2015. Details as they are available.

I am also talking about overcoming objections to being a girl camper.  This weeks objection? No trailer! No problem. I will be dishing on how to be a girl camper without having a tricked out trailer! Tune in!





28 Jul

Objection #4 – I live in a Condo, Apartment, Snooty Neighborhood that won’t allow trailers

Can’t become a girl camper because you can’t have a trailer wherever it is that you live? No room in the budget for an RV purchase right now? No problem! While the trailer is a big draw for many women, for me it is just the icing on the cake. If I didn’t have one, I would still camp.  It is about the camping and not what you’re camping in.  It’s about friendship and going places and doing things.

 Morning coffee in camping PJ’s is a staple at Girl Camping events. Before you know it, it’s noon!

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22 Jul

Objection #1: I don’t have a trailer!

For those that believe that girl camping is all about the trailer I would like to share with you some pictures of women whose spirit is bigger than their budgets. They are not letting the lack of a trailer stop them from having girl fun. I really admire these women who have a very “can do” attitude and just want to be out there doing things and going places. They join in all the fun without the worry of towing and leveling and hooking up and backing in. It’s more about the people and places and less about the things, although their things are beautiful!

Some tents are homemade. Some are store bought and glamped up. Some girl campers choose to rent a cabin or stay at a local B & B and visit the campsite. The point is to not let the lack of a camper keep you from enjoying all the fellowship and comraderie of women doing things together. It is actually better to go to these events without a trailer and ask questions about where to get a trailer, what a buyer should ask a seller, what is a reasonable amount to pay? Acquire lots of information. Know your likes and dislikes. Learn what features you want in a trailer. Decide if you want to go vintage or buy new and customize it to fit your style.  Keep an open attitude and go camping with the idea that you want to be part of the great outdoors with people who do that with alot more pinache than most!!