20 Jun

Girl Camper: #89 Tips for Buying a Used RV

On my show today we are continuing breaking down the obstacles to becoming a Girl Camper and I am sharing my tips on buying a used RV. Not everyone wants to get so deep in right away with a brand new camper and accompanying payment. If you are dipping your toes into the camping world for the first time a previously owned travel trailer may be just the right starting point. I will be talking about why a used trailer might be the best option, the options for where you can buy one and what to ask and look for once you have found it. I am also going to cover some scams to be aware of. It’s all in today’s podcast which if you are not a subscriber,  can be listened to by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the post.


Buying a used trailer is a good way to get into the RV world without making a huge investment.

Buying a used trailer allows those entering the RV world to get an idea of what kind of trailer they might like without spending a lot of money. It also allows a first time buyer to try out a model they think will work for them. If it turns out the floor plan or trailer weight or length isn’t just right they can resell without a large loss.


Buying from a reputable dealer allows you to purchase a trailer that has been thoroughly inspected and has had any found problems repaired. It is also likely to come with a 30-90 day warranty that you would not get if you bought from a private seller. A dealer has a reputation to protect and wants to have you as a future customer.

Setzer's World of Camping Trailers

Buying from a reputable dealer allows you to get a warranty that a private seller is unlikely to offer. Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia offers inspections, warranties and help financing used trailers.

RV Trader, the online catalog for RV Sales offers a wide selection and includes dealership ads as well as privately placed ads. The RV Trader search engine makes it easy for you to search for specific models that interest you. Be willing to travel to another state if you have a budget and trailer in mind and are adamant about it.

Social Media, Craigslist and local ads are another resource for used trailers. If you buy from a private citizen be sure to arrange for a trailer inspection. Todd Henson, director of sales and marketing at RV Inspection Connections was my guest on episode 45 of the podcast and discussed in detail what to expect when purchasing an RV inspection and how you can find an inspector near you. Todd’s organization has a network of over 600 inspectors.

On the show I go over a set of questions every buyer should ask a seller including why they are selling, what their maintenance schedule on the trailer was, if they own it and have clear title and if they have an outstanding loan on the trailer? These and other important questions every buyer should ask are covered in detail.

Lastly I discuss tow vehicles and how to make sure that you are purchasing something you are comfortable towing and if you own a tow vehicle that is capable of towing what you are considering buying. Do your due diligence and make sure you research the product, your tow vehicle and come to your own conclusions about towing the new vehicle.

Choosing the right trailer for your adventures requires research, trusted resources and sometimes a bit of good luck.

27 Jan

Camper College – Tom’s Camperland Style!

For about two years I have been cajoling RV dealerships into hosting what I call “Camper College.” For those that don’t know what a Camper College event is, it’s an opportunity afforded to us by dealerships that “get it” to find out what is involved in owning, operating and towing a travel trailer.

Brad Leach, owner of Toms Camperland in Mesa, Arizona walks a group of RV interested guests through the how’s and why’s of trailer operations.

In all the mail I receive from listeners of the Girl Camper Podcast, the fear most often expressed in them is the fear of towing.  Additionally, there is a lot of concern about the trailer coming detached from the car. At Camper College, dealerships walk would-be Girl Campers through the process of hitching up a trailer. The hands on demonstrations let the attendees  do the whole operation themselves. The dealership also takes everyone on a scaled back version of a trailer walk through showing them where water goes in, comes out and how the trailer gets its “energy.” For those that are new to the RV lifestyle these lessons help demystify trailer ownership and give the confidence needed to make an eventual purchase. It’s the first step into joining the Girl Camping movement with confidence.

Chris Baum, COO of Little Guy Worldwide and I have a great time hosting together even if we do fight over the microphone!

It’s been great to have the support of Little Guy Worldwide who often co-host these events with me. This last event was epic though and we created a bit of a circus by inviting our Camp LIke a Girl Meet Up site members to Take Over Tom’s Camperland in Mesa, Arizona. Women from other Meet-ups in the Phoenix area as well as our event partner Sisters on the Fly, all came out to do a Friday night meet and greet with a demonstration and then an all day Saturday Open House. Tom’s is a huge dealership with over 42,000 square feet of covered display space. They were gracious enough to treat us to a great dinner on Friday night which made those traveling directly from work to the event very happy! On Saturday we got to eat the biggest pizza pie I’ve ever seen along with lots of healthy snacks and cookies to keep our energy up as we toured the largest selection of lightweight towables in Arizona.

Maurrie Sussman, co-founder of Sisters on the Fly, tells the would be girl campers about her extraordinary group.

The showroom at Tom’s had plenty of room to gather and talk shop.

The staff at Tom’s Camperland could not have been more gracious and I thank them for sharing their knowledge and for their gracious hospitality. I’d also like to thank Chris Baum of Little Guy Worldwide for coming out to join us. Chris is always cheer leading for us and although he was outnumbered, he held his own! We think he has magic shoes!  A special thanks to Maurrie Sussman the co-founder of Sisters on the Fly, the largest membership based outdoor women’s group in the United States, for coming and sharing fishing stories, towing stories and inspiration with all those new to Girl Camping. My final thank you is to owner Brad Leach for believing in the idea of mentoring and for operating the kind of business that wants customers for life and that is willing to serve those customers before they even make a purchase. When I remarked to Brad during his demonstration that I was told that a power surge protector was an absolute trailer necessity he quickly replied that I must have been at “Camper ‘Junior’ College.”  He was a heck of a good sport and fun to boot!!

There is such a large selection of lightweight towable trailers at Tom’s that each Girl Camper had plenty to think about.


07 Jun

Girl Camper #35: 9 Great Father’s Day Gifts for the Mister Sister

On this week’s episode Jeremy Puglisi from RV Family Travel Atlas Podcast talks about his top picks for the RVing Dad or Mister Sister. If you are unsure of what to get the special man in your life for the RV these products have been used and reviewed by Jeremy and Stephanie and the recommendations are personal.

I also welcome my new sponsor, Little Guy Worldwide whose full line of lightweight camping trailers are Girl Camper favorites and I am delighted to partner with them in bringing more Camper College events to RV dealerships across the country.

New Michigan Girl Camper Lorie's Tab is being readied for her first adventure!

New Michigan Girl Camper Lorie’s Tab is being readied for her first adventure!

I got some help from Flo getting my new trailer insured. All the details are in this week's Campfire Chat!

I got some help from Flo getting my new trailer insured. All the details are in this week’s Campfire Chat!

It was great meeting podcast listener Danielle Thompson who won four early bird tickets to the Country Living Fair. Danielle drives a Class A! I'm so impressed!

It was great meeting podcast listener Danielle Thompson who won four early bird tickets to the Country Living Fair. Danielle drives a Class A! I’m so impressed! That’s a a Girl Camper!

Katie and friends stopped by and immediately joined the Girl Camper Meetup (Camp Like a Girl) and signed up for a big trip! You don't have to tell these girls twice!

Katie and friends stopped by and immediately joined the Girl Camper Meetup (Camp Like a Girl) and signed up for a big trip! You don’t have to tell these girls twice!

The St George made his debut and was a big hit! I can't even begin to count how many people went inside but the approval was unanimous!

The St George made his debut and was a big hit! I can’t even begin to count how many people went inside but the approval was unanimous!

image image

Jeremy’s 9 Picks for your Mister Sister:

  1. Truma LevelCheck
  2. TastePure 25′ heated drinking water hose
  3. RV Lock 4.0
  4. Weber Q1000
  5. Bristle Free Grill Brush
  6. Andersen Camper Levelers
  7. Igloo Freestanding Ice Machine
  8. Camelback Forge 16 oz Travel Mug
  9. Estwing 4 lb Special Edition Fireside Friend wood splitting axe
23 Feb

Girl Camper #20: Tab Trailer Talk

Our guest this week is Go Little Guy’s Chief Operating Officer,  Chris Baum and we are talking about the Tab trailer and why it is a Girl Camper favorite. Chris also talks about what  the company has in the pipeline and why Go Little Guy is the largest seller of tear drop trailers in the world. There is also an update on our Wild, Wonderful, Almost heaven, West, by God, Virginia, Girl Camping trip.  We also talk about the new  Road Adventure’s Great Escape travel program from AAA and Haydocy Airstream in Columbus, Ohio. If you have ever dreamed of a Great American road trip but don’t own a travel trailer, this is how you can make that dream happen.



















26 Jan

Girl Camper #16: Trailer Throw Down, New Vs. Vintage

I this weeks episode we are talking about the pros and cons of new and vintage travel trailers. Some Girl Campers wouldn’t have anything but vintage and others would only do new. My travel buddy Carol and I discuss our own experiences with vintage trailer ownership and why we would both consider jumping ship. There is also some encouragement in our Camp Fire chat along with the announcement of our latest trip, Paint Like a Girl. Artist Mary Gregory is opening her Texas ranch to Girl Campers and wannabes for an art workshop called, Paint Like a Girl. November 4-6, 2016 will be the dates for this all inclusive, true Texas experience. Details are on the Meet Up site on the Camp Like a Girl group page. You must join the Camp Like a Girl Meet Up group to attend.

Mary Gregory;s Studio