2023 Events: RSVP and Reserve Your Campsites!

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Girl Camper South Carolina Events for 2023 have been published on girlcamper.com/events. If you need help with signing up for events, please use this link to information that will assist you or watch the helpful YouTube video “How to Register” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMK_5LnUH0I. All details regarding each event, such as location, meals, and activities planned, are at girlcamper.com/events.

Jan * Greenville RV Show Meet/Greet * Jan. 7, 7 p.m. * No Event Fee

Bring a friend (or two or three!). We will meet for dinner after a day at the RV show.  No event fee to attend, however, kindly RSVP so I know to expect you.

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/greenville-rv-show-meet-greet/

Feb * Winter Wonderland Camp Out/In * Feb. 10-12 * No Event Fee

The weather outside may be delightful…or frightful! Choose to camp or stay at The Lodge at our Winter Wonderland Weekend.

Choose to camp out at the campground or stay in The Lodge. I plan to camp unless the weather looks too cold and then I’m going to The Lodge! Girl Campers only. No event fee to attend, however, kindly RSVP so I know to expect you.

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/winter-wonderland-weekend-feb-10-12-no-event-fee/

March * Run to the Sun Camp Out * Mar. 17-19 * $35/Event Fee

Spring and Sunshine! Let’s Run to the Sun! Bring a friend, partner, or spouse.

Myrtle Beach’s largest vintage automobile event featuring classic cars, campers and motorcycles.  Or, just hang out at the beach and soak up the sunshine with your girl camper friends. Girl Campers and guest/partner/friend/spouse.

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/run-to-the-sun-march-17-19-2023-35-event-fee/

April * Girl Camper Camporee * April 26-30 * $275 Event Fee

National Girl Camper Signature Annual Event in the Outer Banks, NC. This is not a South Carolina event; it is a national event to celebrate all Girl Campers.  Girl Campers only.  RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/camporee-3-outer-banks-nc/

May * Royal Taco Camp Out * May 5-7 * $35 Event Fee

If I had a horse, I would name him Royal Taco! It’s going to be a mash up theme celebrating Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby!

It’s a mash-up theme: Cinco De Mayo meets Royal Coronation meets Kentucky Derby! Girl Campers only.  Book your site early as this park fills up fast!

RSVP https://girlcamper.com/events/royal-taco-camp-out-may-5-7-2023/

June * Summer Stars Kayak & Camp Out * June 16-18 * No Event Fee

It’s a camp out on the water! Bring your kayak/canoe/paddle board or rent one to enjoy time on the water with your GC friends.

Star light, star bright, camp out and see the stars tonight. Bring or rent a kayak for a day on the water.  Girl Campers Only.  No event fee to attend, however, kindly RSVP so I know to expect you.

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/summer-stars-kayak-and-camp-out-june-16-18-2023/

Aug * Dog Days of Summer Camp Out * August 25-27 * $35 Event Fee

August is scorching hot and the humidity is thick! Cool off at the lake! Girl Campers Only.   

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/dog-days-of-summer-camp-out-aug-25-27-2023/

Sept/Oct * It’s Fall, Y’all! Camp Out * Sept 29-Oct 1 * $35 Event Fee

Traditional autumn camp out in the best camping weather! Girl Campers Only.   

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/its-fall-yall-autumn-camp-out-sept-29-oct-1-2023/

Nov * Friendsgiving Camp Out * Nov 3-5 * $35 Event Fee

Let’s give thanks together! Bring a friend/spouse/partner to Friendsgiving!  Book your site early as this park fills up fast! Girl Campers plus a friend/spouse/partner.   

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/friendsgiving-camp-out-nov-3-5-2023/

Dec * Silent Night Camp Out * Dec 1-3 * No Event Fee

Celebrate the season with cookies, hot chocolate, and maybe even some caroling.

All is calm, all is bright at the campground for a Christmas camp out. Girl Campers only. No event fee to attend, however, kindly RSVP so I know to expect you.

RSVP at https://girlcamper.com/events/silent-night-camp-out-dec-1-3-2023/

Girl Camper Refund Policy (for all events with a fee)

It is the company wide policy of Girl Camper to issue a refund for any cancellations prior to thirty days before a scheduled event. The hostess may deduct a $10 fee to recoup fees paid for processing the refund. 

If someone cancels within the 30-day window and the spot is filled by someone else, the hostess will issue a full refund minus a $10 fee for her efforts to replace the guest and to cover any fees incurred for issuing a refund. 

If the cancellation takes place within the 30 days prior to the event and no guest is found to fill the spot, the hostess will reimburse the guest minus the actual costs she has incurred for the event plus $10. Those actual costs include swag, name tags, food costs per person, portion of any rentals and any prizes or outerwear purchased for the event. We’re grateful for every Girl Camper who joins us around the campfire and want you to know that you are a valued member of our community.

Written by Amy Kovach, Nov. 1, 2022

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