Amazing Women Campers

Dec 6, 2021 | 3 comments

The week before our Stay-At-Home order came out I was camping with a group of women in Florida at a state park. 

There were about forty of us here.  If you have ever tried to get a campground ‘in season’ you understand you must book it almost a year out.  We are having a wonderful time.  We have gone to lunch, we had someone teach us pine needle basket weaving.  Another day we had a masseuse come.  Today we went to the Plant City flea market.

Cheri enjoying the great outdoors
Relaxing at Hillsborough River SP, FL

The best part is girl time with a group of fabulous women.  At Girl Camper we like to Go Places and Do Things.  You don’t need a big fancy rig nor do you need to spend a lot of money.  I want to tell you about one of the fabulous women in our group. Cheri lives a life of adventure.

Cheri’s homemade camping van.

Born in Missouri, she attended the University of Illinois. After college Cheri traveled with a rock band called Love Junket* where she sang and danced for our troops.  The band toured fourteen countries in the Orient, North Africa, Europe and Iceland entertaining our troops through the USO.  Later she worked in Sweden creating speech lessons to teach the difference between British English and American English.

At one time she worked on sets for plays in New York and was an actress and director in community plays.

Cheri doesn’t let little issues like HOA restrictions stop her from camping.  She is now retired and living in a condo in Florida.  She lives in an HOA where she cannot keep an RV but that won’t that stop her from getting out with the girls to camp. 

Van with door open
Step aerobics for a nice stable entry into her van.

Cheri bought a little van and in her own single driveway made modifications so she can car-camp.  Starting with a 2012 Ford Transit Connect that had a previous life as a taxi and 234,000 miles on the i she paid three thousand dollars and added another seven hundred in repairs.  Once repairs were made she started her customization. 

Her camping rig is outfitted with a single bed with the most comfortable mattress you could believe. 

An aerobics step was used to give her a boost when stepping into the rig.   How smart is that?  Something repurposed from years ago and it is a nice wide, stable step.  She did cut and mount a television and keeps a power strip so she can charge all of her electronics.  There is the all-important coffee pot in her kitchen too.  This woman amazes me. 

What amazes you?

  • If anyone can come up with a picture of LOVE JUNKET or, an audio file with one of their songs I will provide a little thank you gift to the first person who shares it. Post a comment to let me know.
I reserve the right to make a substitution if I no longer have one of these bags.


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