Bumps In The Road

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Let the Adventure Begin

I was so excited to finally camp at Cave Run Lake. We chose Zilpo campground which is about an hour and forty-five minutes east of Lexington. I had dreams of floating on the water while the sun and waves rocked me into a slumber. This was our third trip in our new camper. Trips one and two were a bit rocky, so surely trip three would be smooth sailing. Bump number one…

Biting 747’s

Apparently, we happened upon Zilpo after a major hatching of horse flies. There must have been a million of these 3000 eyed biting 747s. It was unreal. I was backing the new 37-foot camper for the first time and Craig was trying to direct me between swats. Well over an hour later and sporting one big scrape on the new trailer (oops) we were in our site and no sooner wanted to be out. We couldn’t set up without being ambushed and the dogs were losing their minds. We called it quits and piled in the camper for the night. We’ll watch some TV or a movie. Nope. Not a signal to be found. Nada…zilch…zilpo. I started googling campgrounds nearby…but not too near. We came upon Callie’s Campground in Red River Gorge. Bump number two…

A New Adventure. Not to be Confused with the Previous Adventure…

Callie’s was 43 miles and one hour and sixteen minutes away. That should have been my first clue. GPS doesn’t consider that you’re pulling a 37-foot-long, 11-foot-tall trailer. Wish we had RV Trip Wizard. About fifty minutes and 4 switchback turns into our drive, Craig says, “This looks familiar.” It was an area we both should have recognized. We had come the back way into Daniel Boone National Forest and we were less than 2 miles and 1 turn around spot from Nada Tunnel. Why is it so hard to back up in a straight line? Well, we should be pros by now. Sheer mountain walls on one side and a 50 foot drop off on the other. After fifteen minutes of butt clenching maneuvering, we got turned around.. Bump number three…

Are we in Oz yet?

Our new route was another 1.5 hours. Ugh! The next maneuver was a left turn over a one-ton bridge.” Son of a…” I just started crying. I called the campground trying to explain where we were and pleaded with them to tell me how I could find this magical land that seemed to elude us. The kind girl took my number and had her mom call us back to see if she could get a better idea of what black hole we had fallen into. After about 15 minutes we seemed to be back on track….. again. By this point I fully expected the trailer to tip over or the road beneath us to just fall away. My optimism was long gone, and the horse flies seemed dreamy. Bump number 4…


Four and a half hours later, we pulled in only to realize I had booked the wrong site. It really shouldn’t have been a big deal but I was inconsolable. I tend to run high anyway so this was blowing my mind! They got us sorted out and we unhooked and decompressed. Callie’s turned out to be a perfect little spot. Small and horsefly free. We enjoyed hiking instead of boating and more importantly learned some great lessons.

RVing is exactly what it’s intended to be. A journey. The travel from one place to another. These travels will move us from the place of comfort, to the place of excitement. From the place of trials, to the place of rewards. From the place of life, to the place of living.  And from the place of fear to the place of freedom.  One journey, one adventure, one bump at a time.


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