Camporee 2022 – South Dakota

Oct 10, 2022 | 2 comments

Resa Leppert facing right
by Theresa “Resa” Leppert

Oh, lordy, what a wonderful week!  I was lucky enough to be a co-hostess for the 2nd annual Camporee in Custer, South Dakota.  More importantly, I got to meet people face to face who I’ve been working with online for more than a year!

You may be wondering what “Camporee” is. Well, it is pretty much an away camp for us grown women! About 120 of us gathered at Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort in Custer, South Dakota. I do plan to do a separate article reviewing that place – because there is just too much to share here! You can find them online at Buffalo Ridge, or on Facebook at Buffalo Ridge Facebook Page. Stay tuned for another article coming soon!

Jeep Wrangler trunk overflowing with camping gear.
Jeep Overflowing!

I decided to tent it at Camporee. 

I had sold my little orange Squaredrop trailer, and as part of that sale, my one and only Maxcoupler receiver went along with her.  This is a special articulating hitch coupler that I have on both my trailers – but I only had ONE receiver.   I ordered a new one 8 weeks out, but like many things – there were supply chain issues and the delivery was delayed.  It didn’t look like the coupler would make it in time – so I loaded up my Jeep with everything I needed to tent it. (That coupler showed up two days before I left, but I was already packed and prepared to tent – so I stuck with that plan.)

Jeep Wrangler and small green hub tent in a campground.
Resa’s Camporee Campsite

You may have followed me along as I did little live videos and posts on my GC IA-WI page.  My mom certainly enjoyed following along, lol. 

If you’re considering going to the 2023 Camporee.  Just do it.  Sign up for it and GO.  I was working a good portion of this event as I was a co-hostess, but there were still plenty of opportunities for FUN!  Next year I get to go as a regular Girl Camper with my bestie!

The highlights I enjoyed most:

DINNERS:  Our dinners were catered by The Old West Dutch Oven Catering Company and the food was DIVINE.  (Even better, I didn’t have to cook any of it, lol.) 

BREAKOUT CLASSES:  All of the classes were delightful.  I really enjoyed the Boondocking class – and I had a blast teaching my Aromatherapy 101 class.  I hope everyone used their Focus/Alert inhalers as they were traveling home!

SIGHTSEEING:  Like everyone else, I had lunch and afternoons free to go check out the local sights.  My favorites included the Purple Pie Place for their homemade chicken pot pie and blackberry pie for dessert – two of my favs!  My other favorite was lunch at the State Game Lodge (OMG the bison stew was stellar!) and the Jeep Safari Tour at Custer.

Jeep Safari Tour:

Merle, our guide, was a stitch and a half – 85 years old and full of vinegar and slightly off-color jokes!

It was a COLD ride, but worth it. (Especially since I called shotgun and got the warm seat with a full door and everyone else froze the whole time, tee hee.)  Merle took us off road right into the bison herd and up to a high point where on a clear day you can see three different states!

An evil game of reverse Jenga!

Sadly – all good things must come to an end.  I had never camped in a tent in one place that long – and holy cannoli I had stuffed all kinds of things all over.  Fitting everything back into my Jeep was like an evil game of reverse Jenga and I was the loser of that game.  By the grace of God and much rearranging, I got it all back in and on the road.  I spent two days getting back home – almost 1700 miles round trip!

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  1. carol.salyers

    Your aromtherapy workshop was so fun and interesting, despite the giant wind machine (aka “nature”) that never got turned off! I really learned from it and now want to pursue it more. Thank you for co-hosting this fantastic event. Great job on your article, too!

  2. Georgie Libbie

    Such fun!! That is a beautiful area of the USA and so much history!! Looks like y’all had a wonderful time!!

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