Can Camping Improve My Emotional Health?

Dec 8, 2021 | 3 comments

I like lists. They seem less demanding to me than reading a long article. I thought you might like a list of reasons that camping is helpful to your emotional well-being.

Why does camping make me feel better, energize me, and make me happy?

  • Time away from responsibilities: No job, laundry, pets, significant other or children.
  • Change in environment: Different location, people, things/objects (our camping atmosphere, whether vehicle, tent or camper brings comfort)
  • Time to devote thought to and focus on good things about your life
  • Nature-calms, invokes thoughts of new life and better days
  • Like food, camping fuels your body, fuels your emotions
  • Allows time to meditate, which calms your spirit
  • Simple movement of water and time spent in water, whether swimming or boating brings peace and calm
  • Movement of flames and warmth of campfire
  • Wind moving across your face and body
Social distancing is important.

Make a choice to leave at home, thoughts of:

  • work
  • money
  • family issues
  • responsibilities
  • physical health

While we cannot ignore them or shirk responsibilities, we benefit from time to meditate and revive our spirit and body. When we return to our homes, people, situations, and problems are still there, but we are better equipped to address them.

Next time you camp, whether it is in your driveway, boondocking, or in a well-equipped campground, consider the suggestions here and revive your spirit, body and mind. Both you and those around you will feel the difference. Happy Camping, and I will see you down the road!

Sharon Cutbirth, Girl Camper Texas Hill Country Guide

Campfire flames can help you meditate.


  1. Sankee

    So True,So True.. I so need to remember this at times. Thank you for Writing this article,

  2. Rachel

    Yes! To all of this. Thank you for this article which in and of itself was also a boost to my emotional health. My personal experience matches all you mentioned. Camping 5 times in the past 3 months has been a real lift. Thanks for all you do to encourage all of us Girl Campers to get outside and go camping.

    • Sharon

      You’re welcome! I hope to camp with you someday.

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