Devil’s Den Spring in Williston Florida

Dec 6, 2021 | 2 comments

Sping or sinkhole?

Devil’s Den Spring isn’t a spring at all, it’s a sinkhole.  What’s the difference you may wonder. Sinkholes are produced when a void or depression occurs in the ground. The underlying limestone wears away and then fills with water.  The water doesn’t have an above-ground way to exit. Groundwater from rain will fill the sinkhole while the permeable layers of the Florida aquifer commonly known as the water table allow water to escape causing the level of water to decrease.

Getting ready to snorkel at Devil's Den
Snorkeling at Devil’s Den – Photo by Judi

Springs are appear when the aquifer is filled so that the water pressure overflows through the ground onto land. 

When I heard about this unique place I knew immediately I would want to go visit.   A place that calls itself prehistoric possesses a definite interest for me.  Prehistoric refers to a time that predates language and that would be several thousand years ago.

Appointments to allow social distancing

Appointments are available for snorkeling and scuba diving at Devil’s Den this year due to COVID.  Book a time slot for your preferred time as they are currently limiting sessions to no more than ten at a time.  The cost is $15 during the week and $22 for weekends. Please check their site for updates.

You can rent snorkel or dive equipment if you don’t have your own.  My group snorkeled and all of us had our equipment as do many folks in Florida. 


This is a very budget-friendly activity.  Tent camping starts at $12 a night while RV camping starts at $35 with full hook-ups.  I stayed for two nights and went snorkeling once. 

Nearby attraction

Next door to Devil’s Den is a very interesting botanical garden.  Cedar Lakes and Woods Gardens is a private park where you can enjoy as much or as little as your time allows. You can read about my visit to Cedar Lakes and Woods Gardens here.

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  1. Gayle Seebech

    I have a 20 foot Coleman travel trailer. I just recently became semi-retired and am ready for adventure!

  2. Donna J Bierman

    Interested in joining your group. I have a Highlander that isn’t built out.

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