Devils Tower

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

After visiting the Badlands our next stop was Devils Tower in Wyoming. A 3 hour drive without another car in sight for miles was the perfect way to enjoy all the scenery around us. 

When we got to the national monument we checked in at the booth and started our venture through this gorgeous park. The first stop was to see the field filled with at least 500 prairie dogs. The park was so quiet that all you heard was the prairie dogs scurrying to their holes and the trees lightly cracking with the wind. 

After leaving the field we started heading to Devils Tower. About a 5-10 minute ride. We parked at the bottom of the tower where there is a parking lot and bathrooms, and the walk to the actual tower was maybe a minute. A perfect walk for anyone who doesn’t want to walk miles. There is the option to purchase a pass to climb the tower but not being the best climber I skipped that. 

When you get to the tower the view is absolutely incredible. As you look up you can see Bald Eagles flying above and you can get some really beautiful pictures. 

I am so happy we took the time to visit Devils Tower. If you are ever in the area or are looking to check out a piece of history I highly recommend checking this spot out. 


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