Discover our National Historic Landmarks

Dec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Did you know that there are almost 2600 National Historic Landmarks in our beautiful country? These special places are designated by The Secretary of the Interior because of their unique ability to illustrate U.S. history. According to their website “Many of the most renowned historic properties in the nation are Landmarks. Mount Vernon, Pearl Harbor, the Apollo Mission Control Center, Alcatraz, and Martin Luther King’s Birthplace are Landmarks that illustrate important contributions to the nation’s historical development.”

The United States Air Force in Colorado Springs is a designated National Historic Landmark

During the winter months when we aren’t always out camping, consider visiting a National Historic Landmark close to home. Here in Colorado there are many places on their list. One of the most famous is the United State Air Force Academy. If you want an outdoor experience, visit Chautauqua Park near Boulder. Visit their website for more information and to learn a little of our country’s amazing history. You never know what you’ll find in your own backyard!


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