Does Your Co-Pilot Shed?

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Are you looking for a way to reduce the dog hair in your vehicle and camping set up?

When I rescued Jade a few months ago, I was hoping the shedding would reduce as she calmed down and realized she was in her forever home living the good life. However, this short-hair cutie sheds endlessly, even though she gets brushed almost every day.

Traveling with pets is a joy and I will enjoy it even more if I can reduce the amount of dog hair on everything.

Jade Loves the RPod Bed!
I love sharing my travel trailer bed with my dog! However, I DON’T love a lot of dog hair on the bed.

I tried using the glove brush and a dog comb. Although each tool removed a decent amount of fur, I just couldn’t get ahead of the shedding. I accepted the fact I’d have a lot of dog hair in my 20-year-old pick-up, but I don’t want a lot of dog hair in my newer Jeep and RPod.

Jade and I drive through the nearby campground almost every weekend for my “What I’m Seeing at the Campground,” post.

I talked with our local dog groomer and she told me about the “FURMINATOR”. The package touts the claim the tool will reduce shedding by 90% ! Could this be true? It was worth a try!

I could not believe how much fur was removed so easily!

I am very happy with this tool!

She’s lucky she’s so cute! All that dog hair – all that laundry – is worth it for love.

Jade is patient with grooming; I think she enjoys the attention. However, she does not like me to brush her tail – I get away with a couple of sweeps and remove a good amount of fur before she lets me know she doesn’t like it.

Note: you can purchase less expensive de-shedding tools. After years of grasping tools and the computer mouse, my hand tends to ache a bit when I’m holding on to something like this, so the grip is important to me. The grip on the FURMINATOR is very comfortable for me.

When you order, pay attention to the description details, as the product is available for long or short hair dogs. Simply push the button on top to remove the fur from the comb – it’s easy. You don’t have to push hard: I lightly rake the comb over Jade and it does the job. Sometimes I get away with longer brushing sessions if she is napping in the sun.

Here’s my direct link on Amazon if you want to learn more:

I never thought I could get so excited about a dog comb. Tip: I still need to brush her every day to keep up with the shedding, but A LOT more dog fur comes off in the comb instead of on my clothes and furniture, and in my vehicle and travel trailer. Having my dog with me is one of my favorite aspects of traveling.

I also discovered there is shed-reducing shampoo and I purchased a bottle. I haven’t used it enough to let you know if I think it makes a difference, but it can’t hurt:

Here’s to our happy travels with all our loving mutts!

Article written by: Catherine Goggia

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