Early Spring Bus Prep

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

Since the weather stays cooler a bit longer here in New York I use these months to get any work done that is needed on my bus before the nicer weather kicks in.

After my motor swap that was finished in March of 2018 , I am still working out the other minor issues that are expected to arise on a 31 year old school bus. On my way to a tiny house Festival in Massachusetts towards the end of 2019, my rear main seal starting leaking oil pretty fast which resulted in having to cancel attending the event. I managed to somehow get my bus on and off the ferry and drove back home to get her parked.

Upon bringing my bus to my favorite mechanic shop , the fix was a little deeper then what I expected. My motor is currently getting a complete rehab and will be in the best shape it has ever been. I am also doing some common maintenance like new brakes and rotors , new struts and shocks, new tires , new power steering and a bunch of other add ons.

With an older vehicle its hard to predict what can come about , but having this work done will be a huge game changer for my travels. I am so ready to start this year out with a fresh start and a bus with no leaks haha !


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