Easy Dinner Camping Options

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In addition to being the Northern California Chapter Guide for Girl Camper, I am in several camping-related fb groups and have my own website that includes camping and living off-grid information. Across all the groups I notice people are constantly asking for menu suggestions beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. I live full time in the woods so I can have that camping feeling as a way of life, and that sometimes includes feeding people who camp here.

When I was young we camped every summer. My Dad took charge of breakfast so my Mom could have a break. His hash-browns, fried eggs and bacon (or trout if we got lucky and caught some) still reign in my memory as some of the best breakfast experiences ever. Making breakfast isn’t one of my best food skills, and I don’t like constant clean up, so I’m good with a bagel and a piece of fruit when I’m on my own.

For lunch I prefer something people can put together for themselves at any time they get hungry. Sandwiches or charcuterie plates are my go-to options. Easy-peasy.

I enjoy cooking dinner and serving others for this meal. Of course I follow in my Mom’s footsteps for some of the camping classics: making spaghettis or chili ahead of time, chopping all the goodies and cooking the taco meat ahead of time so we only have to fry the tortillas, and making the hamburger patties ahead of time and freezing them so they help cool the RV fridge are a few of the tips she taught me. I also have a small crock pot in my travel trailer for use when I’m at an RV park with hookups.

Beyond burgers and hot dogs: in this video I share with you two of my signature meals that are easy to prepare ahead of time or at the campsite. Although simple, these meals consistently rack up the rave reviews. You can put your own twist on anything I suggest.

Bonus: be sure to check out my direct links in the video description to see The Campground Gourmet cookbook from our own Girl Camper food expert, Kate Dunbar.

Watch as I prepare food to feed two people for three nights. If any visitors dropped by my “campsite”, I had plenty to share.

Article written by: Catherine Goggia

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