Etiquette for Camping

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Let’s show some decorum… 

Both new and seasoned campers reap the benefits of respectful fellow campers.

I am in a rather unique position where I have been on both sides of the registration desk. In the many years of having worked the desk as well as having been the camper, I am often taken back at the many times campers are unaware of anyone who is not part of their group.  We must remember that our actions affect the sites around us as well as those coming in after we leave. I have listed the most common things we should remember in order to be considerate of others while camping…

Rules of etiquette for camping

Leave no trace.  If you brought it in with you, take it out with you.  If trash or recycle containers are provided, use them. Police your site before you leave and pick up any litter. Only footprints should be left behind. Leave your site as you found it or better.

Read the rules of the campground and follow them. Familiarize yourself of the rules before you make the reservation.

Do not transport firewood onto the campground from home or anywhere else. This is the leading cause for various infestations that are destroying our forests.

Respect those around you so that they may also have an enjoyable weekend. Follow the posted quiet hours. Do not trespass on other sites. Teach your children not to cut across another site and ask permission to retrieve a stray ball before entering.

Always keep pets leashed and under control. Clean up after them. Never leave them unattended and be prepared with a plan to control their barking. Otherwise, arrange boarding for them.

Keep your lights from illuminating the next site. Turn off your outside lights when retiring for the night.

Do not dig trenches around your site. If it is necessary because of heavy rainfalls, be sure you fill them in before you leave. Trenches can cause injury and ruin the aesthetics of the site.

Extinguish your fire before walking away or going to bed. Remember it is a campfire not a bonfire; be aware of the vegetation overhead. Only put a fire in the space provided, never move the firepit from the designated spot or build any others. There could be roots slightly below the surface that can ignite and burn underground. Never put bottles or cans in your fire. 

Do not feed the wildlife. Never bring anything that smells like food into your tent. Do not leave food on a table unattended. Keep your coolers in your car.  Move your trash can to the end of the site so if something knocks it over, it doesn’t hit your tent or scratch your vehicle. 

Remember to recycle! Keep our planet clean for the generations to follow.


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