Family Reunion: Shared Love of Camping

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By design, our families are pretty disbursed throughout the eastern US. Which allows us the opportunity to see them as we travel.  When I plan a trip, I always try to see if I can plan our overnight stops in locations where we can enjoy a mini family reunion along the way.

We have found that if we pick a central spot, then those that can come to see us, will. At least, this keeps us from having to go house to house.

Nestled near the Delaware Water Gap there was such a perfect spot. Camp Taylor Campground is not only beautiful but has so much to see and do.

Our trip was a great opportunity to visit our family and catch up with their lives but also allowed us to share our love of camping. It is one thing to follow our journey through Facebook but to actually see it up close and personal. Specifically, that we really have some of the conveniences of home … like a clean bathroom.

Family came in from NY, NJ and the Poconos to join us around the campfire. Giving us the chance to spend time with our nieces and nephew.  Our nephew made me smile when he asked if this camper was our house, and do we have another house.  He doesn’t get the opportunity to see one every day and being only 5 he was so inquisitive.

The Campground has a small lake with paddle boats. Therefore, in a matter of minutes, my sister, Jody, secured life vests and had the little ones out on the water.  They had so much fun taking pictures of one another and posing

Family Reunion shared love of camping girl camper
Family Reunion shared love of camping girl camper

Images by Michelle Almodovar Photography

In Puerto Rican family fashion, Aunt Ana brought enough food to feed an army. Everyone even brought chairs to sit by the campfire and enjoy s’mores.  I never get tired of having my family around and I am so grateful that Luis and I can pack up our camper and almost anywhere we go we can catch up with a member of the family to join us on our adventure.

Because at the end of the day, it is the journey we take and those that we touch and touch our lives!

~ Michelle Almodovar | Photographer, techie, lover of nature and thrilled to be your Travel Beacon

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