Girl Camper Events – Meet & Greets – Seeds of Friendship

Oct 16, 2022 | 2 comments

Girl Camper Events – Meet & Greets – Seeds of Friendships

I invite you to come explore our Girl Camper Events! We get together share stories and learn more about becoming a Girl Camper. “Tow Like a Girl” to our camp outs, drop into a Meet & Greets or Seeds of Friendships that grow into life long kinships creating a sense of community.

Our Girl Campers inspire and support each other in our life’s journey. Connecting with like minded women from the beginner, intermediate or advanced camper. You will find a safe place to land here in our women’s group.

Many women have had a life changing event happen in their lives. Either by losing a loved one newly divorced or wanting to get out and start living life in a whole different way than before. Maybe you downsized your home and are going to be a full timer, a bucket list trip or just want to have lunch with some girlfriends.

No matter where you are in life you will meet another Girl Camper who has been there before and wants to share their experience, strength and hope with you.

Take a chance, come out and meet our local Girl Campers in your area!

Register Here:

Amazing awaits around the campfire!

Dominica Rossman
Girl Camper Guide
Northern California

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  1. Nancy Steele

    Same question as above I am from the Sacramento area And looking for a group to travel with.

  2. Anastasia F

    Is this group still active? Is there a local subgroup in Marin county, the East Bay, or San Francisco? I’ve got some summer camping reservations and would love some company.

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