Girls Campout & Omnia Demos

May 21, 2024 | 0 comments

Our Girl Campers all over the nation are so excited to test out their new Omnia Ovens!

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Pictured above: Girl Campers Julia Brandt, Margot Simpson, Theresa Gartrell, Sarah Tyler, Patty Murphy Lewis, Debbie Lynch, Stacey Eckman, Jojo Padilla & Patti Domanico White

I have started doing demos to learn how to cook with the Omnia Oven at camp. It’s a fun activity to do for breakfast: Omnia Oven Pot Luck & Demo. We can help each other learn short cuts, safety and how to manage the heat but most of all trying out all those new recipes too!

Below are a few items I use to cook safely with the Omnia Oven. Note: A silicone insert and difusser is a must, no burning here!

Omnia Silicone Insert: Comes in many colors!

Omnia Thermometer: Locks into top of oven

Mini Camp Stove: Superior thermal efficiency: Utilizing the piezoelectric ignition method, this small camping stove produces 6,200 BTU of cooking power with tornado-shaped flames for more potent firepower than other portable burners on the market

Stove Windscreen: Cooking outdoors at camp can be challenging with cool temps and wind is a big factor. I used a windscreen creating a sheltered cook area. Compact and easy to fit into backpack or camping gear.

Heat Diffuser Flame Reducer Simmer Plate. A must have!!

Meet Girl Camper Rita Corbinook who is a seasoned traveler owns a Riverside Retro Tear Drop Camper with an outdoor kitchen. She cooks often when on the road.

Today, she will use a single electric burner to cook her Brownie Strawberry dessert in the Omnia Oven with our Girl Campers Alicia Nieto & Raquel Kilmartin.

Our Girl Camper Jae Ann Jays is using the Omnia Oven for the first time. Testing out a Frittata recipe with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. Be careful with frozen spinach! Always thaw it out and drain the water before using!

Girl Camper Taste Testers!

Wendy Lowgren, D’Ann Marlowe and Alicia Nieto are enjoying chocolate croissants!

Girl Camper Becky Smith checking to see if Rita’s Brownie Strawberries are done yet!

Rita added fresh strawberries on bottom, poured brownie mix over top, layered strawberries and repeated a final layer on top.

Plus you can flip it over with a plate and viola! A fancy dessert sprinkle with powdered sugar, top with ice cream or whipping cream. So many fun recipes to try!

Our Girl Camper Patty Murphy Lewis photo of her Omnia Oven at camp. She has taken it to a whole nother level. She started preparing meals at home on her cook stove!


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