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Remember freezing at the kids’ soccer and football games or getting cold around the fire on a cool autumn camping trip? This heated camping chair is just what you needed. I so wish I had this when my kids were younger!

It is the perfect chair for cold weather and my favorite new camping toy. The very comfortable Terrain chair has two-zone heating for the seat and back, durable steel construction and water and wind resistant padded fabric.

It can keep you warm from four to nine hours, depending on the setting you choose: low, medium or high. An easy-to-charge lithium-polymer battery just slips in the pocket, which you plug in for power. There is a cup holder on one side and it folds up easily. And it also comes with a nice durable carrying bag.

If you have a sore back, putting the heat on high will ease those aching muscles after a day of hiking or fishing. Finally, I also love that this company is in Colorado and is woman-owned.

The chair comes with a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty. Check out the Gobi Heat website for other products, such as heated

blankets, vests and jackets. www.gobiheat.com

Written by Bonnie Shafto |Girl Camper Guide

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