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— by Judi George


I upgraded my T@B 320 to a T@B 400 so my husband would be more comfortable working from our camper.  Many Rv’ers dream of being able to stay on the road longer, likewise, for David, this means working from the camper.  His employment requires him to be online all day which means we therefore, must have good, stable internet. In order to work towards this goal we have purchased a cellular booster. 

The idea is to have an internal antenna that is connected via a cable to an external antenna.  I won’t go into the technical specifications here but the requirement for the external antenna is to extend it into the air on a post and most Rv’ers attach it to their rig.  Like many of you, we don’t want to drill into the side of our camper.  While attending the RV SuperShow in Tampa I found a product that is perfect for this application.  It’s called a GOstik.

GOstik is a vacuum-cup mounted device with the ability to attach different types of products.  You neither need glue, sticky-gummy products nor holes in your camper. I was really excited to find this.  There are many different items you can use this with.  Flags, fans, camera systems and TVs just to name a few.

Have you ever been wanted a motion light for a little extra security? You can attach one to your rig with this GOstik.  It takes seconds to put up or take down. 

Do you dream of a shelf without drilling into the side of your camper? Check out this one using this GOstik shelf.

This product has so many potential applications. 

Where can I find it?

If you would like to see more of their products check out their website here: GOstik.

For the record

I purchased this product at the show full price. Furthermore, I neither received a discount nor free material for my review. My desire is to share great products when I come across them.



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