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Rebuilt Water Lines Under the Sink of My RPod 180

I got lucky. I had a leak under the sink in my slide out and I didn’t know it. I discovered the issue because I stored a cookie sheet in that compartment, and when I was going through everything in preparation for my next outing, I saw the rusted cookie sheet, indicating the line had been leaking for some time. That cookie sheet saved the shelving in the storage cupboard.

Trip preparation tip: check your water lines for any signs of leakage.

I called Larry, my mobile RV repair guy. In this article I will share what I learned from him.

Original water lines under the sink of my RPod 180

In the RPod 180 floor plan, the kitchen slides out. Larry explained that each time I slide the kitchen in and out, tension is created on the hose lines. From the factory, fittings slip into the hose, and then a hose crimp is tightened down over the hose. Over time, those crimps can loosen. The situation is worsened by the fact that, in his opinion, a larger fitting should be fit into the hose so it would be tighter, reducing possibility of leaks; the smaller fitting makes for faster assembly.

In my trailer, water is fed to the kitchen sink, and to the bathroom in this compartment. I think there is also a junction to the outdoor shower in this area. Bottom line: there are several hot and cold water hoses in my slide out.

I told Larry I wanted to change out all the hoses when he repaired the one, as I didn’t want to deal this same issue in the future. I am happy with the final result, as I don’t have any more hoses and crimps in that area of the slide out: it’s all been switched over to hard lines and fittings.

Hard Lines and Fittings for Rebuilt Water Lines Under Kitchen Sink

During the process of this water line modification, I realized a misstep on my part. I planned on purchasing a Camco water pressure filter when I originally set up my RPod. Apparently, I forgot about it, which potentially put additional damaging pressure on those factory crimp points. The RV park store where I frequently stay sells these water pressure filters for about $24, but you can pick one up at WalMart at a much more reasonable price. Larry told me they are good.  I recommend you get one of these and a Camco Water Filter the moment you purchase an RV.

Secondary story line: I was happy to support Larry’s RV repair business because he is a Camp Fire survivor now living in an RV on his burned-out lot in Paradise, with his children who were also burned out of their homes. I asked if he wanted to advertise on my page to build his business up, but he declined because he thinks they are going to move to Oregon. In the meantime, if you are in Butte County and you need work done on your RV, you can call Larry at (530) 828-2828. He is a nice guy who did a good job for me, and I can vouch for him as a helpful teacher! I told him I like to learn and asked if it would be okay for me to ask questions while he worked. He is a low-key guy who I found to be trustworthy.

Article written by: Catherine Goggia

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