Hacks for Hotel or Cabin Camping with the Girls

Jan 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Did you know that cabin and hotel camping were even a thing? Over the last couple of years, there are times that I have opted not to bring my RV to a particular gathering or event. There are a variety of reasons why. It might have been the distance to the event from my home was not appealing to drive. Or, it was logistically easier because I didn’t have the time to prep, plan, and pack the whole RV. And, now that I have sold Jamboree (my Class C motorhome) and am “between” campers, I needed to entertain a few other options in my playbook: rent an RV, car camp, tent camp, or……snag a cabin/hotel. I chose the latter!

Benefits of hotel and cabin camping: hot shower, a sink and toilet, air conditioning, furnace, room service, big bed, weather/wind protection, security, TV. Yes please!

Photo of shower head

I began making a list of things to remember when I partake in cabin and hotel camping at various camping events.  Check out my list below for some things I learned (the hard way) while I have been fine tuning the process.

Queen Bee’s Cabin and Hotel Camping Reminders:

  •  If you are bringing a mess kit or any dishes, you need dish soap, a dish rag or sponge, and a towel for drying. Or, simply bring paper plates and plastic utensils.
  •  If you are contributing to the potluck, you have to think about something that perhaps you don’t have to cook, because you might not have access to a kitchen or appliances. You can also bring a crockpot or instapot for reheating/cooking.
  •  Think about how you will keep ingredients cold until you cook. You might cook in advance and simply reheat.
  •  If possible, research the size of the hotel or cabin refrigerator and whether or not it has a freezer. Some of them are smaller than the average dorm frig and cannot accommodate much. A cooler, like a Yeti, that stays really cold all weekend might be your best bet.
  •  Bring your camping chair.
  •  Find out the distance to the campground and events area. Is it walkable or drivable from your cabin/hotel? Bring a flashlight or lantern in case you have to walk a stretch.
  •  Things you can bring to mimick the camping experience: I bring my twinkle lights to wrap around the railing outside my door or sometimes I put them up inside my room for some festive ambience. I also bring a little wireless music speaker. You can still bring your kayak, E-bike, or hiking gear.
  •  Make sure that you get a recent copy of the itinerary so you know when to show up for chow time, etc, in the event you are separated from the rest of the group at the campground and miss any announcements. Remind the hostess that you will be checking the Facebook group or text messages for any updates. They are super busy and will not leave you out purposely, so a gentle reminder is helpful, I promise!
Photo of two lanterns

What is on your list that I need to add to mine? Please comment below and let me know so I can beef up my operations! Hopefully, this will inspire some of you to take the next step and join the party.

We can’t wait to see you around the campfire!

Article written by Brenda Puckett, Oklahoma Chapter Guide


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