JiaJia Ride On

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

I was camping with my family for our annual Halloween weekend at Buck Creek State Park in Ohio when this cutie rolled by.  Yes, the baby is adorable, but look at that truck!

I bought a ride like this for my son when he was about 6 and he was out of control!  If only I had a Fitbit back in the day, I would have easily logged a couple of miles chasing him around the yard, trying to get him to stop, to go, to not hit his dog, my car…it was exhausting.

This JiaJia Ride-On is remote controlled (parent not pictured.)  Yes, Mom is just being a cool walking behind, steering him around.  She is having as much fun as her son!  The great thing about this truck is that when your little one is ready to drive around on their own, they can!  Ultimately the person with the control is in charge.  Imagine just sitting back watching your child or grandchild ride around the campground having a blast.  There you are comfortable in your camp chair, beverage of choice by your side enjoying the laughs.  If the truck gets a little too far away or you need to stop it immediately you still have the remote!  It still works even when the child is driving. 

The price is around $250.00 on Amazon – who’s ready to be the next hero?


Lisa Singleton

Girl Camper Indiana Guide & Contributing Editor


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