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Khala Coffee filters reusable                                                                                                     

Tired of running out of paper filters and creating more trash!  These reusable cloth filters are great, two come in a package, just dump the grounds out and rinse with water, dry and ready to go for the next morning.

The coffee tasted great, I could use in my 4 cup or in a single serve coffee maker.  The cloth is organic cotton and sewn very well.  

Great for tenting or backpacking taking up less space. You can use at home, I did rinse outside not wanting the grounds to go down in the gray tank.  Do your part and save a tree!  

Khala Company also makes Beewax wraps, I’ll be trying those soon and reviewing.

To purchase your Reusable Coffee Filters please click on the link below.

by Bonnie Shafto, New Mexico and North Texas Guide

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