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Let me tell you how to make easy and inexpensive tin can fire pits. You may already have some of the required supplies.  First, you will need a metal container.  I went to Lowe’s and found one in the paint department. It’s a quart-size empty paint can with a lid. You will also need a 16 oz bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol and a roll of toilet paper.

Remove the cardboard tube from the inside of the toilet paper.  Super simple, just pinch the toilet paper together and this will loosen up the tube. Place your finger behind the cardboard and slowly turn.  You will see the tube separating from the rest of the toilet paper. Take your time, it does come out.  Place the unraveled toilet paper inside the metal can.  Make sure the paper is completely squished inside, no gaps at all. Then saturate it with the isopropyl alcohol.  Light the paper with a match or any type of lighter.  You will now have a great fire.

I love when it is raining outside. With this tin can fire pit, you can have a lovely “S’Mores Party” on your table inside your camper. It is also fun to make a bunch of these fire pits and space them out on a picnic table.  There will be plenty of room to move around roasting marshmallows.  The fire pits also give off some nice heat to warm your hands.

After you are done, place the metal covers on top of the container and the fire will go out immediately. No fuss-no muss.  You can re-use these tin can fire pits over and over.  Re-saturating the toilet paper with alcohol may be needed from time to time.

Supplies for your Party
Your inside S’Mores Party

Let me know all about your tips and tricks using these fire pits.


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