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Who can go camping without lighting?  Lighting is the most important aspect of camping outdoors.  Have you ever cut off all of your lights in the woods?  Could you see your own hands?  My point exactly.  Nighttime gatherings, no matter the affair is so imperative.  How so you ask?  Whether you are guiding your friends to your area or you are beautifully decorating your seating area or merely your tent are domain.  For me, lighting is my signature statement.  When you walk into my area, you will see that WOW factor just by merely feeling the ambiance of my area.

LIGHT IT UP For me lighting up my area is endless.  I LIGHT UP EVERYTHING!  One reason I have found my annoyance of stumping over simple things because I don’t look down while walking in my area.  Bad move: therefore, I light the place up like a Christmas tree. I have so many ways to light up my area, and all of it is simple & beautiful.  I’ve used candles (battery operated) on my table as decorations to hanging lanterns from shepherds’ hooks on each side of my tent. One of my favorite lighting is taking a Tupperware see through container and then place micro lights inside.  

BE LIGHT CONSIDERATE First things first, you should take into consideration how bright your lighting is going to be when you are camping.  Just because you need to see, doesn’t mean you should take away the night vision of your neighbor.  I’ve had some lights I’ve turned on in the woods, and I’ve blinded myself for a few moments.  OK, now that’s too bright.   After I have considered the how bright I want my area to be, then next step is to make a very Important decision.  What type of decorative lighting I want, that’s says, ok, that’s Mz. Hooked!

FRUGAL LIGHTING Believe it or not, I shop two places for my lighting.  First is Dollar General, then Big Lots. These two places for me have the best decorative lighting.  I’m really picky on what type of lamps I choose. It all depends on the look and shape of the lantern. I particularly like those with wire around the light. 

ITS ALL YOU No matter what style you’re looking for, make it you and most of all bring plenty of batteries.  You can find many outdoor lighting ideas at these two locations.  


Article by Yolanda J. Edwards (AKA Mz. Hooked), Georgia Chapter Guide

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