My Favorite Grab-n-Go Camping Meals

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s Friday evening… are finally done setting up the campsite, sweating, thirsty and oh wait…HUNGRY.  Ugh, nobody wants to stop and cook anything at this stage, right?  I used to plan these elaborate meals involving the campfire and my finest gourmet skills to impress my fellow campers.  Truth be told, all I wanna do on Friday night is sip a beverage and unwind.  And PS:  everyone is always equally as impressed when I sling out something that isn’t necessarily even homemade.  I decided to get over myself!

Think along these lines:

*Something you can precook at home

*Something you can grab from a deli or restaurant

*Something you can quickly assemble on site

*Heck, something you can even have delivered!

Also, I am not a fan of abandoning my regular eating routine for camping.  Learned the hard way that this makes me feel sluggish, gain weight, and TMI coming…..tummy troubles. Example: cream-cheesy black bean quesadillas. Just. Don’t.

Here are my top five faves:

1.  Take and bake pizza (or have it delivered if you are within range)

2.  Deli rotisserie chicken plus heat and eat baby red potatoes with packaged herbs

3.  Deli prepared ribs to quickly reheat plus bagged chopped salad

4.  Charcuterie:  aka meats, cheeses, olives, crackers, dips

5.  Crock pot pulled pork or shredded chicken prepped at home for street tacos

And here is another tip:  find your faves and stick with it!  You don’t have to mix it up every outing.  Getting your system down enables you to set up and start relaxing that much quicker, which includes a no-brainer first night meal that might not include charcoal or the campfire.  What is your favorite throw-it-together quickly camping chow?  Share below!

Article written by Brenda Puckett, Oklahoma Chapter Guide


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