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Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s probably no surprise that as a travel writer, I love maps. I have wall-size maps of the world and the United States in my office, with markers on every state and country I have ever visited. Fun fact: I only have two states left to hit all 50 (I’ll get there eventually, Minnesota and North Dakota!).

So, as I was trying to figure out what style I wanted for my Scamp, a trip to a fabric store decided it. Looking for curtain fabric, I came upon a fun design with state capitols that I had to have. Then I found a fabulous children’s floor map with the states on Etsy. And finally, in a local neighborhood swap group I belong to, I found a vintage children’s puzzle with the United States on one side and a world map on the other. The style of my Scamp was pretty much decided for me!

I used Mod Podge to glue the two-side puzzle together, then laminated it. Now it can serve double duty, as décor and as a placemat! I used Stitch Witch to make my no-sew curtains, as I am no seamstress, and that worked well enough for now. I love being surrounded by my maps and find them so inspiring for travel.

—Written by Kim Foley MacKinnon

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