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We all have had to have our first time out and not knowing anyone, so let me introduce myself!  I am Bonnie Shafto, guide for North Texas and New Mexico. Mr. Shafto and I have lived in the Dallas Area for 25 years and just moved to Taos, NM a year and half ago.

 I have been doing woman-only camping events for 6 years now and I love being a hostess, planning and making everyone feel welcome! My goal is always treat everyone as if they are a guest in my home, even at the campground! All attendees will have a name badge and I do make sure that these are worn all weekend long. I will be there at the campground before you arrive and if you need help backing in, I can help guide you in backing in and be a spotter.

Great afternoon hike!

We usually have a meet-and-greet the first evening before dinner, where you receive your name badge and goodie bag. 

Most activities and morning gatherings and dinners are with the group. If we are taking a drive to a restaurant, antique shopping, or wherever we go, we share a ride in each other’s cars.

My events are usually fun and out-of-the-norm things to do, winery tours, rafting, kayaking, crafting weekends, Manatee swims, Camper College Lite learning, and more. Let me help you get out there and explore!

Always remember, campers are always the friendliest people. 

Bonnie Shafto |Girl Camper Guide

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  1. Brenda Rollins

    You were my second event and it was SOOOO much fun. You are a great host and such fun activities!! I now have signed up for more events. I don’t even have a trailer, just stay in a lodge or hotel nearby.

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