New Year / New Goals

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

The New Year has just begun and I have been reflecting on the impact previous years have to my life today. Do you still make New Year’s resolutions? For me, I prefer to make New Goals instead.

I have one particular goal that I seem to renew every new year, I want to live an Active Senior Life. Even though I am not there yet, one day I will be and what I do today will impact that goal when the time comes.

So every year I look to see what I can do to improve my health and adjust my goals accordingly. The options are endless; do I need to add weights to my workouts, adjust my diet, walk, run, do yoga or just rest more?

As women, our bodies will continue to go and go. Not to mention, if you are caring for children or aging parents you might be on overdrive.

For me, this New Year’s adjustments will include:

  1. Enjoy quality time with family & friends – Calms my heart
  2. Get more rest – Sleep repairs our mind and body
  3. Drinking more water – Water resets our hormones
  4. Meditate – or just do nothing every now and then
  5. Walk more – I am joining 99 Walks

What is 99 Walks? It is a subscription-based company that focuses on walking for your health … mental and physical.  It is a social group that uses an app that helps you keep track of your walking but it has so much more. The app also has exercise classes, podcasts, meditation and awesome workout music you know and love, to keep you going.

Girl Camper has teamed up with 99 Walks to help you get on the right path towards your personal best. Girl Camper members will receive a discount for joining. If you want to know more about the health benefits of walking, our own health coach, Lorri Weisen, shares some great information here.

If you’re still trying to find your groove, let’s chat. Maybe joining my 99 Walks online team might be just what you need.


~ Michelle Almodovar | Photographer, techie, lover of nature and thrilled to be your Travel Beacon

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